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What MarTech Leaders Think about ABM in the Age of AI

ABM remains the most-defiant of technologies for B2B marketing and Demand Gen professionals. B2B customers are growing matured and smarter with easy access to digital buying tools and product review platforms. They demand real-time contextual and highly-personalized engagement from their marketing and sales technology vendors. To keep up with the pace of disruptions in the tech industry, B2B sellers leverage AI and automation to deliver this personalization. Though Account-based Marketing has covered a long and bumpy…

Marketing Technology Bulletin Covering the Week Gone By

Top Picks from MarTech Series. Original MarTech Insights from the Week Gone By Our staff writers compile a bulletin covering important news in the world of Marketing Technology. This bulletin is the best source of the major MarTech developments of last week. Seven Areas Where MarTech CMOs Are Most Likely to Spend Marketers Reflect on Gartner’s Report for Seven Areas Where MarTech CMOs Are Most Likely to Spend Evolving Technology and Changing Consumer Behavior a Risk to Marketing Strategies: Gartner With…