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Enhanced Technologies Help E-commerce Platforms and Merchants Deliver a More Intelligent Live Streaming Experience

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core, including Augmented Reality (AR) Engine and HiAI, as well as 5G and AI technology, together brings a crisper, more intelligent, and efficient live streaming solution Huawei Developer Webinar was held today to unveil an enhanced live e-commerce solution. With global e-commerce sales increasing from $2.39 trillion in 2018 to $3.46 trillion in 2019, and as more retailers and consumers look to online streaming to sell and buy, live e-commerce is expected to represent a larger chunk of the…

How to Grow Your Presence on Twitch in 2018

Stay Updated with the Latest Trends on Why Twitch Is the Largest Online Gaming Video-Streaming Platform, and How You Can Be a Part of This Community Twitch is a popular one-of-its-kind online service for power-packed digital gaming experiences. When it first launched in 2011, Twitch focused entirely on video games, but since then it has expanded to include various streams aligned with art, music and talk shows. There are over 2 million unique visitors that flock to Twitch on a monthly basis, apart from the 17,000 of those…