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Osano Discovers Direct Relationship Between Poor Privacy Practices and Data Breaches

Report shows that companies with the worst privacy practices lost seven times more records during each data breach than companies with the best practices Osano, the industry leader of data privacy transparency, released a report analyzing the relationship between a company’s privacy practices and their likelihood of experiencing a data breach. The Osano Data Privacy and Data Breach Link reveals a predictive relationship between responsible privacy practices and security outcomes. Companies with inadequate data privacy…

Osano Unburdens Businesses by Automating CCPA Compliance

Austin, Texas-based software provider helps companies quickly and affordably gain compliance with minimal effort Osano​, a company building the first platform for data privacy transparency, has automated the compliance process for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A week into activation, the CCPA is already a notoriously contentious and dense set of laws. By automating data privacy for businesses, Osano relieves the cognitive overhead on businesses and sets them up for a productive decade ahead. Marketing…