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IAB Tech Lab Releases SafeFrame 2.0 Secure Ad Container for Public Comment

API Specification Will Simplify Implementation and Support Latest Advances in Technology and Ad Formats for Easy, Secure, Scalable Adoption In Public Comment until September 28 IAB Tech Lab released SafeFrame 2.0 for public comment for a 60-day period until September 28. SafeFrame is an API specification for communication between a web page and an ad that is enclosed within an iframe on the page, enabling safe ad interactions (e.g., ad expansion) without direct access to the publisher’s page data. SafeFrame 2.0 is a…

SpotX Selected to Join Board

Chief Technology Officer J. Allen Dove Will Join's Leadership Team SpotX, the leading global video advertising and monetization platform, announced the availability of its latest Prebid adapter video header bidding solution. Prebid, the open source header bidding solution, will allow publishers using SpotX's adapter to implement header bidding without commitment to any one supply-side platform or the use of proprietary wrappers. J. Allen Dove, Chief Technology Officer at SpotX, has also been selected to join…