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USA Has Highest Number of CCTV Cameras per Person in the World

According to a recent report released by, the USA has the highest number of CCTV cameras per person in the world. This is despite China having four times as many CCTV cameras in total compared to the USA. CCTV Cameras Expand All Over The World Data shows China is a leading country in terms of surveillance. They have established over 200 million CCTV cameras in its territory that are currently being used to closely follow and control its civil population. Marketing Technology News:…

Intrusion Detection Systems Revenue in the US to Double to $8.27 Million by 2023

The revenue of Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems in the United States is expected to double its revenue to $8.27 million by 2023. Moreover, the whole smart home market income in the United States is expected to keep growing in the future as well. The information was released by the recognized security site Marketing Technology News: Goodway Group Earns Top Rank in Best Data Activation Category at ExchangeWire’s The Wires Global 2019 Awards Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems’ Revenue To Keep…