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Sailthru Announces Sailthru Connect, A Data Export Suite For Business Intelligence

Suite provides unique predictive and implicit interest insights in addition to first party data stream for retail and media organizations to build deep consumer understanding Sailthru, the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers,  announced the launch of Sailthru Connect, a data export suite that adds unique behavioral data to a brand’s data assets. Built with data science and analytics teams in mind, Sailthru Connect streams email, mobile event, and customer profile…

3 Pivots Marketers Need to Make to Improve Marketing Performance

From predictive analytics to machine learning and AI, the rise of data intelligence and new technologies have changed how brands approach marketing and the ROI they can create. While what we can measure and understand through data has advanced dramatically in the past three years, the reality is there are still some gaps for marketers today as they work to fully understand and impact marketing performance. The biggest gap is in the customer experience. Despite their best efforts, many companies today don’t truly take…