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Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks Relaunch, MANY SCREENS, BIG PICTURE – A Podcast Series

Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks announces the re-launch of MANY SCREENS, BIG PICTURE, a podcast series that explores trends and things to watch for in the evolving film and entertainment landscape. The podcast series will be hosted by Paul Dergarabedian, Senior Media Analyst for Comscore, and the film industry’s most recognized authority for media-based information and analysis. He talks to the leading experts of the film and entertainment industry to uncover how people's access to entertainment and watch movies is…

TechBytes with Jodie McAfee, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Inscape

Jodie McAfee SVP, Sales and Marketing, Inscape The flywheel of Automatic Content Recognition technology is transforming rapidly. TV viewing data is currently at the height of digital advertising analytics. Inscape accesses millions of TVs across a wide range of content sources and delivers the data the same day. This helps adtech buyers and publishers to gain a more granular and comprehensive understanding of audience viewing and engagement across both content and advertising. To better understand how content recognition…