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How to Connect with Shoppers According to Their Personal Values

The daily decisions of today’s shoppers are guided by many factors with which today’s marketers look to align. However, one key element in consumer decision-making is still being largely overlooked: consumers’ personal values. In today’s digitally connected, choice-saturated world, understanding a person’s basic demographics and online behaviors is not enough to forge a real connection with consumers that will motivate them to choose your brand over the many others that are at their fingertips. It’s only through…

Shoppers Take Center Stage in the 2019 Retail Systems Research Report on eCommerce Website Performance

Key Finding: 90% Of Consumers Will Leave A Site If It Does Not Load Quickly Yottaa, Inc., the leading Cloud platform for accelerating eCommerce, announced the publication of a new research report titled, “2019 Retailer Website Performance Evaluation: Are Retail Websites Meeting Shopper Expectations?” The research, which was conducted by Retail Systems Research (RSR), evaluates 80 major retail websites on page speed performance and shopper experience, and includes survey results from 1,300 consumers to provide their…