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SiteSpect Launches Visual Editor 2.0 to Empower Marketers Without Coding Expertise

SiteSpect's Newly Launched Visual Editor 2.0 Offers a User-Friendly Interface That Improves the Ease and Efficiency of Customer Engagement SiteSpect, a recognized leader in customer experience optimization and pioneer of full-stack testing and personalization, has announced the launch of their Visual Editor 2.0, a platform that allows marketers to design and deliver personalized customer experiences without knowledge of coding languages. Focused on empowering marketers to continuously test and optimize digital…

TechBytes with Eric J. Hansen, Chief Technology Officer, SiteSpect

Eric J. Hansen Chief Technology Officer, SiteSpect Each brand will have different objectives in website optimization depending on what segment of audience they cater to. To deliver personalized customer experience, marketers rely on Personalization and Omnichannel Marketing Solutions. To better understand how website optimization solutions can enable marketers to deliver the best customer experience based on a targeted approach, we spoke to Eric Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at SiteSpect. Tell us about your role at…