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MarTech Interview with Rob Dysell, CMO and Co-Founder, Pickit

"I believe that within two to three years from now it will be impossible to steal a photo online and not get caught using it somewhere else." Tell us about your role and journey into Marketing Technology. What inspired you to co-start Pickit? I was in the Advertising department for a full-service creative agency in Stockholm and saw for myself how the relationship between brands and consumers is becoming increasingly complex. And, more often, it’s closely connected to the product experience, so in order to create really…

Interview with Michelle Eichner, Founder and CEO, Digitile

"The average corporate marketing team uses 91 different cloud tools in their tech stack."Tell us about your journey into technology. How did you end up as a CEO from being a VP Product? My marketing career led me into the tech industry. In the infancy of the “dot-com” boom of the late 1990s, I worked for Net Perception where I was doing B2B marketing for recommendation software before Amazon’s recommendation engine existed. I was a liaison between business and the tech community because I could speak both languages. As a…