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Tim Wilson

Influencers Who Work Harder Deserve Deeper Rewards

As we enter 2018, influencer marketing is going through a bit of a renaissance as marketers form stronger ties with influencer partners than ever before in a bid to create the most engaging, authentic content for their target audiences. But as budgets rise, the number of influencers vying for revenue continues to grow. I met one company recently that claimed connections with a staggering 12 million influencers worldwide. No wonder then that ROI is such a hot topic. A 2017 report by Linqia into the state of influencer…

Got a Qutee for yourself?

Qutee Provides an Advanced New Data-Driven Comments Platform for Collecting Digital Community Insights It’s the middle of the day, you are busy scrolling through your Facebook feed and come across a heated discussion about the Season 2 finale of Stranger Things. You have a lot of things to say about EL and her increasing powers, by the time you articulate your thoughts, the discussion has moved to the character arc of Steve Harrington. That’s it! You can’t go back, the party has moved. Has this ever happened to you?…