Got a Qutee for yourself?

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Qutee Provides an Advanced New Data-Driven Comments Platform for Collecting Digital Community Insights

It’s the middle of the day, you are busy scrolling through your Facebook feed and come across a heated discussion about the Season 2 finale of Stranger Things. You have a lot of things to say about EL and her increasing powers, by the time you articulate your thoughts, the discussion has moved to the character arc of Steve Harrington. That’s it! You can’t go back, the party has moved.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wanted to scream your lungs out after a missed opportunity to share a popular Tweet, or pulled your hair because you missed the Reddit thread? Tim Wilson has come to our rescue. His startup Qutee provides an advanced new data-driven comments platform for collecting digital community insights.

Express your opinion through comments and poll

How different is Qutee from others?

If you thought that every social media essentially gives you the same insights, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. “We analyze and archive every comment,” informs Tim, adding, “We also utilize polls to analyze additional data. So behind every Qutee discussion is a world-class analytic dashboard on every conversation, for free.” Tim calls it data democracy.

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This is how it works:

  • Data discussions analyze, organize and archive every comment via the real-time analytics engine.
  • Data democracy means open data and analytics technology for everyone via the comment filters and analytics dashboard that come with every Qutee page.
  • Users can filter 1000’s of comments in seconds to find the topics and people that interest them.
  • Discussions don’t drown in a sea of comments.
  • Digital communities can track and empower the voice of their audience.
  • Everyone understands and influences the conversation.

Got a Qutee for yourself?

“Think of Qutee as an intelligent data-driven Twitter/Facebook
that analyses and filters every comment so you can filter the
conversation and find the comments and people that interest you.”
– Tim Wilson, Qutee

How to use Qutee? 

Got a Qutee for yourself?
Browse through thousands of comments in three simple clicks
  1. Select a Qutee (topic) of your interest.
  2. Use the Qgage to rate the Qutee between 0 and 100.
  3. Go through the entire comments section with the help of 3 simple clicks and get to the ones that matter to you.
  4. Place your opinion on the ongoing discussion.

Alternatively, you can also create your own Qutee in a matter of seconds. Qutee can be used on your website via an I-frame too.

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