Tech Startup Qutee To Incentivize Key Influencers With Stake In The Business

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Three Tech/Gaming Influencers Have Already Been Granted Stock In The World’s Most Advanced Digital Comments And Discussion Platform

In an industry first, US/UK startup Qutee, developer of an advanced new data-driven comments platform for collecting digital community insights, has announced that it is offering key influencers a stake in the business as an incentive for growing its user base.

The firm, whose platform is currently in beta, has already granted stock to emerging tech/gaming influencers – and committed Qutee users – Huzzy, MarzBar and Phylol. All three have successfully migrated their audiences over to the Qutee platform, where they can, for the first time, categorize, filter and analyze comments and poll data in real time, gaining deeper audience insights and feedback to help improve their YouTube content and also collect feedback for brand and agency partners.

In a bid to democratize the success of the platform, Qutee is offering other influencers/bloggers who successfully build a strong digital community on the platform the opportunity to become early-stage partners in the business.

Tim Wilson, Qutee founder and CEO, said, “Our vision from the outset has been to put our technology in the hands of the people and transform the value of online conversations. In doing so, we’re creating a new breed of ‘data influencers’ that we want to reward for their commitment to our cause. Bringing on Qutee evangelists such as Huzzy, MarzBar and Phylol as early-stage partners will help us to further grow our user base, and we plan to grant stock to more influencers over the coming months.”

League of Legends influencer Huzzy added, “Unlike the comments chaos on YouTube and other social channels, Qutee gives me a constant feedback loop: it allows me to ask my audience questions and sort and analyze their responses in real-time. Using this knowledge, I am able to tailor my content to better meet the needs of my audience. Qutee’s decision to offer stock to committed influencers such as myself is a great strategy – and something that I think will be seized upon by other startups.”

Qutee’s technology platform makes online discussion trackable, archivable, discoverable and permanent so that insights and commentary can be easily identified, categorized, filtered and analyzed. Qutee analyses and organizes every comment made within a community, collects poll data and sentiment analysis on every discussion started, and provides a world-class analytics dashboard that influencers can use for free, making it easier to filter out inane or irrelevant comments and quickly hone in on useful insight.

Outside of the influencer space, Qutee is already in talks with many leading media publishers around embedding the Qutee platform on some of the world’s most widely visited media websites.

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