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Has Your Website Refresh Been Successful?

Like maintenance work on your car, a refresh of your organization’s website is one of those tasks that seems to roll around every few years and entail far higher costs than anticipated. However, also like car maintenance, a website refresh is often critically necessary. Your organization’s branding or messaging may have changed, or maybe your site just looks like something that was built on GeoCities in 1995. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to ensure that you’re measuring the results of a website refresh in order to…

Siteimprove Releases New SEO Product

Content and Technical Side of SEO Unlocked with New Tool Siteimprove, a technology company, has launched an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product module. Siteimprove is a company which helps audit, manage and optimize websites. The ongoing development of the product spells wonders for the Siteimprove Intelligence System, which is the company’s core software suite; since it is now used by 6,500 organizations all around the world. Siteimprove SEO empowers users to audit the search engine readiness of their…