111 Unveils New Video on What the Internet Could Do for the Health Management of Aging

111, Inc., a leading integrated online and offline healthcare platform, announced the release of the third episode in its 111 Insight series. The title announced , What the Internet Could Do for the Health Management of Aging, is hosted by Mr. Junling Liu, Chairman and CEO of 111, Inc. Mr. Liu will moderate a discussion with Mr. Qingsheng Zhu, Managing Partner of 6 Dimensions Capital, and Mr. Qing Ye, Managing Director of GMP Pharmaceuticals Group.

What the Internet Could Do for the Health Management of Aging will feature:

  • The difference between China’s and United States healthcare systems
  • The potential for online healthcare to equalize resource disparities and close the current information gap
  • 111’s use of the Internet to manage chronic diseases by focusing on patient education, drug adherence and prescription refills
  • The unique opportunity in China for 111’s online healthcare delivery model and its ability to address price inequalities

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The 111 Insight series is produced by 111, Inc. and is hosted by Dr. Gang Yu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, and Mr. Junling Liu, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO. The series focuses on important topics in global health and the state of the industry in China through interviews with industry experts, investors, and healthcare professionals.

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China’s healthcare industry in China is evolving rapidly and there is increasing global interest in China’s health reform and policies. Among the topics that will be discussed throughout the series are: How the Internet is reshaping China’s healthcare industry and pharmaceutical delivery market; how new government policies and regulations impact the healthcare industry; how new technologies are changing private health insurance; and the opportunities and challenges facing China’s aging population.

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