Ardoq Launches Ardoq Discover to Democratize Decision-Making Across Digital Organizations

New Enterprise Architecture Tool Enables Impactful Decisions at Every Level of the Organization

Ardoq, a SaaS company reinventing Enterprise Architecture (EA) for today’s digital enterprise, today launched Ardoq Discover, a tool designed to democratize EA across the organization and enable insights-driven decisions at speed that lead to profitable transformation over time.

The stresses of digital business have accelerated a fundamental demographic shift in technology resources and ownership in enterprises worldwide. As organizations seek ways to better bridge the gap between the business and IT, digital transformation has seen an increase in demand for dedicated EA roles. Amid that demand, executives are spending too much time making uninformed decisions: In 2020, a study by McKinsey found that 70% of executives’ time is spent on making decisions under time pressure with too little or the wrong kind of data. As technology becomes more distributed, today’s digital organizations need a tool that makes valuable EA insights accessible and easy to use for all in order to make impactful, data-driven decisions at every level.

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Ardoq Discover is designed for everyone within an organization, not just EA or IT specialists. With an interface as simple to use as a search engine, the tool enables anyone to self-serve insights, manage data and kick off workflows. This makes vital information accessible, understandable and available to all decision-makers, regardless of their role or department.

Ardoq Discover expands upon the core Ardoq tool, which offers Enterprise Architects a rich set of tools for modeling and building data visualizations to ensure any team can gain real-time, contextual insights and contribute their domain expertise. The level of democratization can be managed by an organization’s Ardoq administrator, whose role can now shift from serving insights and orchestrating processes to determining which insights can be self-served and which processes should be democratized.

“Ardoq gives architects a wonderful meta-modeling platform,” said Bubba Puryear, Enterprise Architect at Arch Insurance Group. “Discover scales that platform to all your stakeholders to explore, leverage and even maintain your data. The tool quickens your models into living, breathing interactive solutions to real problems.”

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Key features of Ardoq Discover include:

  • Enhanced accessibility to architecture data for non-Enterprise Architects via a simplified and intuitive entry point with user-friendly design
  • Ability for domain experts to easily contribute their domain knowledge thanks to seamless integration with Ardoq’s Engagement Platform features such as Surveys and Broadcasts, enabling consumers of an organization’s architecture to also contribute
  • Reduced architectural support effort with viewpoints that allow stakeholders to self-serve their personal views

These features allow EA teams to better drive engagement around EA initiatives, build a complete and trusted repository of data sourced from domain experts across the organization and ultimately embed data ownership into the organization so that decisions are architecturally informed.

Further, stakeholders across the organization have improved situational awareness; can better collaborate based on shared objectives, initiatives and domain knowledge; stay informed on potential impacts to their domain with automated targeted alerts; and gain swift and easy access to critical data and insights they need to help make decisions across the entire business.

“For digital organizations to make insights-driven decisions that lead to sustained, profitable transformation, there needs to be a fundamental shift in how they approach Enterprise Architecture,” said Erik Bakstad, CEO and co-founder, Ardoq. “Gone are the days of siloed approaches to Enterprise Architecture; making architecture accessible is vital to the continued success of organizations and enacting change that lasts.”

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