CASETiFY Launches ARTFT, a Members-Only Web3 Arm Allowing Phygital Experiences

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CASETiFY, the global tech accessory brand loved by millennials, Gen Z and Hollywood celebrities, announced the launch of ARTFT and the upcoming minting of its genesis pass. ARTFT is a new web3 venture that will develop metaverse-ready digital collectibles with a physical spin to them. With its launch, CASETiFY becomes one of the first global brands with a proven-track record in the licensing space to mint and enable the exchange of premium NFTs on an exclusive basis.

In a Tweet, Wes Ng (@wildwildwes), CEO & Co-Founder of CASETiFY, the entrepreneur expands on what the company’s intentions are with NFT: “[…]The last thing I want to do is to hype up a PFP collection and guarantee you a metaverse. @ARTFT is an ecosystem for the iconic signature brands that YOU love in the form of beautifully made digital collectibles with PRACTICAL utility.”

With the minting date and time of its genesis pass still to be confirmed, the web3 arm of CASETiFY states that the ARTFT Pass will provide exclusive advantages such as an allowlist allocation for future drops, a lifetime supply of limited-edition CASETiFY phone cases, and unique access to CASETiFY’s ‘Print-to-Earn’ phygital economy.

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One of the key areas why ARTFT is expected to stand out from the competition in the future is its focus on phygital experiences, blending world-class NFT art with the extensive product line-up of premium accessories that CASETiFY is already known for.

From its latest “To The Moon” Collection, featuring a line-up of skateboards, basketballs and tech accessories featuring BAYC apes, to its well-known phone case collaborations with top IPs such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney, in the future, ARTFT digital collectibles are expected to have a strong phygital component in the shape of perks, enabling owners to receive exclusive physical products tied to their digital ownership and inspired in the art, or even license their own digital creations into sellable physical accessories.

“Long-term sustainability in the web3 space is achievable only when a brand is able to develop trust within the community,” said CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder, Wes NG. “The launch of ARTFT will allow our audience new means of connecting with their favorite creators in a way that’s accessible and secure, whilst empowering creatives and artists in the web3 space to build a never-seen-before bridge between the physical and digital collectible space”.

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