Creatd Announces Launch of ‘Interview,’ Vocal’s 40th Community

Creatd, Inc. , the parent company of Vocal, announced the launch of Interview, Vocal’s 40th community. Interview was designed to celebrate the art of investigation and exploration. Creators can now showcase their conversations with celebrities, musicians, business professionals, and specialists from all backgrounds and disciplines. Equally important is that the over 1.2 million creators on Vocal can share interviews featuring fellow creators, providing a rich forum for conducting dialogue within the Vocal platform.

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Commenting on the new community launch, Creatd co-CEO Laurie Weisberg said, “Interview-style stories have always had a prominent presence on the platform, with many creators submitting recurring series featuring in-depth dialogue with their favorite up-and-coming artists, prominent authors, founders, and opinion-makers from all walks of life. We are excited to finally introduce a dedicated place to celebrate this unique craft and foster meaningful conversations with extraordinary individuals; I am confident that Interview will be a value-add to our community members as well as provide a place for Creatd’s own team members to address Vocal’s creators and audiences more transparently. We look forward to offering a close-up look at the people behind Creatd, including our management team, influencer talent, and the specialists driving our growth.”

Added Creatd co-CEO Jeremy Frommer, “Interview, our 40th addition to Vocal’s unique network of communities, is well positioned to maximize connectivity with each of our four primary revenue lines, known as Creatd’s four pillars. From the perspective of Creatd Labs, our technology pillar, the timing of this community launch aligns well with Vocal’s upcoming feature releases, aimed at providing creators added ability to connect and engage with one another on-platform.”

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Continued Frommer, “At the same time, Interview strongly complements Creatd Partners, giving our brand partners an additional pathway for awareness through founder interviews. We can expect the new community to similarly benefit Creatd Ventures’ e-commerce businesses, giving us the ability to showcase the entrepreneurs responsible for Dune, Camp, and future product launches. Finally, our fourth and newest pillar, Creatd Studios, can utilize the Interview community for promotion of its production projects and the talented individuals behind them. On a go-forward basis, our community launch strategy will be less reliant on meeting a specific quota and instead follow a thoughtful approach whereby all new communities must support a strong value proposition for creators while simultaneously supporting multiple of Creatd’s pillars and revenue opportunities.”

As is inherent to all Vocal communities, Interview supports a wide range of rich media, including podcasts, video embeds, photos, and more, enabling creators to utilize multimedia formats to portray their interview subjects in new and compelling ways.