Elevent Helps Brands Optimize $25+ Billion in Sports & Entertainment Sponsorships with New Lifecycle Management Platform

End-to-End SaaS Suite Enables Corporations To Confidently Identify, Select, Measure, and Maximize ROI of Strategic Sponsorships

Elevent, a leading sponsorship management software, consulting services, and research provider unveiled the industry’s first comprehensive solution for Sponsorship Lifecycle Management, providing brands with a single solution for evaluating and capitalizing on high-ticket sports, music, and other entertainment sponsorship opportunities. Elevent’s comprehensive Sponsorship Lifecycle Management platform uses data to streamline sponsorship decisions while removing the guesswork associated with them, ensuring precious marketing dollars deliver optimal returns.

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“Sponsorships hold a very special place in the Marketing hierarchy – it’s ‘sexy’ to have your brand on a stadium screen or sports jersey, but it’s also expensive and hard to measure, and that makes it risky,” said Francis Dumais, Managing Partner of Elevent. “Our job at Elevent is to ‘de-risk’ these high-dollar decisions using reliable, real-world data. Marketers are used to getting real-time feedback. Now, thanks to Elevent, so can sponsorship teams.

“Coming to market now with these comprehensive capabilities in a single solution is particularly important. With World Series baseball upon us, new football and hockey seasons unfolding, and concert and theatre crowds returning, we are witnessing firsthand the enormous pent up demand for experiencing live events. And where the masses gather, sponsorship opportunities abound.”

How Elevent’s Sponsorship Lifecycle Management Platform Works

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The new platform, backed by Elevent’s expert team of marketing, advertising, and technology professionals, provides companies something never before available, the convenience of  ‘one-stop-shopping’ to effectively address every stage of the sponsorship journey, including:

  1. Assessing the Space: How are particular niches of the sports & entertainment market performing? How well are your current sponsorship investments, if any, doing? Where are your competitors investing?

  2. Brand Alignment: What is the purpose of your sponsorship and how does it align with your brand values?

  3. Proposal Analysis: Automatically score and manage incoming requests.

  4. Valuation: How much is a sponsorship really worth?

  5. Contract Negotiations: Let data dictate your spend.

  6. Performance Measurement: Track and measure the effectiveness of sponsorship investments.

Elevent offers these Sponsorship Lifecycle Management capabilities as a single, complete platform or separately as easy-to-use modules, including:

BrickRoad™ – Manages the intake and trafficking of ongoing sponsor and donation requests.

CakeMix™ – All-inclusive sponsorship measurement and valuation.

SPOT™ – Tracks and values brand exposure across all broadcasts, streams, digital media, and social media channels in any language.

“Elevent has proven its value to us time and again, delivering greater clarity into our many sponsorship opportunities and investments,” said Ashley Curran, Associate Vice-President, Community Impact and Sport Partnerships at Canadian Tire, one of Canada’s largest national retailers and trusted brands. “Elevent’s comprehensive approach to Sponsorship Lifecycle Management supports data-driven decision-making, providing us the tools and insights necessary to select the right sponsorship partners and assets while maximizing our ROI.”

Marie-Pier Bergevin, Senior Manager, North American Sponsorship | Marketing & Social Impact at BMO Financial, added, “The age-old question in sponsorship has always been ‘What is my real return on objectives?,’ or, put another way, “How are my sponsorships really performing towards meeting my goals?’ Elevent tackles those questions head on with us as a team with solutions that shed light on sponsorship outcomes, supporting us in identifying not only the numbers but key insights as well.”