Ether Cards Is Now Galaxis: A Self-Serve Web3 Engagement Platform Where Anyone Can Grow and Monetize Dynamic Utility-Driven NFTs

ValKilmerFirst Artist to Use the NewGalaxisArt Engine Technology

Ether Cards is now Galaxis, the self-serve web3 engagement platform where anyone can build and monetize dynamic utility-driven NFTs–without the need to code or the help of a third party. Created by the Ether Cards team and born out of the dynamic capabilities created for the Ether Cards NFT project established in March 2021, the Galaxis platform enhances the relationship between any creator and their community by imbuing simple NFTs with bespoke unique utilities that can grow and change, provide owner-specific benefits, and opens up an essentially unlimited set of interactive tools to cultivate and engage communities. Galaxis launches today at noon EST in a 12-hour “Singularity Event” held across the Galaxis Discord and in Twitter Spaces. Information on the month-long slate of Galaxis events, exclusive drops, tutorials, and groundbreaking collaborations can be found below.

In partnership with Galaxis, actor, writer, and visual artist Val Kilmer is launching KAMP KILMER today, a virtual space where a community of eclectics and artists can come together to share ideas and collaborate on art, film, music, and literary projects without limitations of space and time. The first project of KAMP KILMER will be to transform Val’s GOD PANELS into collaborative NFTs with the Galaxis Art Engine, a new type of NFT that enables artists to create a collection that can continuously evolve.

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“Our founding team has been a part of the crypto and NFT space since their earliest days, and as much as we love NFTs, we also quickly saw they would have limited mainstream appeal if all they could be were pretty JPEGs,” said Andras Kristof, CEO and co-founder of Galaxis and Ether Cards. “The goal of Ether Cards was to build a future for NFTs through code and community, and to make the laborious development of utility traits simple and available to everyone.”

“Many believe the known universe was born from a dense pinpoint of infinite gravity called a singularity,” continued Mr. Kristof. “In the same way, Galaxis has been born out of the capabilities created for Ether Cards. We are proud to lead this next evolution of community and NFTs from one way, temporary transactions into a living, evolving, and self-sustaining ecosystem.”

Some examples of these creator-community relationships can include: entertainers, athletes, celebrities and their fans; art creators and collectors; social causes and their supporters; open source and open ecosystem projects and their users, as well as corporations and their stakeholders. Community members get real ownership and benefits in an ecosystem that respects their privacy by not requiring any of their personal information.

Anyone using Galaxis can easily add dynamic utility traits to their new or existing NFT collection, such as:

  • Physical Redeemables: Art prints, figurines, jerseys, or any other merchandise
  • Digital Redeemables: Any digital asset
  • Discount Traits: single, multi- or unlimited use discounts applied to blockchain   transactions
  • Access Traits: exclusive access to community spaces, live streams, performances, 1:1 meetings, VIP events, etc.
  • Modifier Traits: allow the owner to modify the look or use of the NFT itself
  • Dropper Traits: art, token, and discount drops
  • Badges: signify an NFT’s status or rank and provide related incentives

The Galaxis Platform will be revealed in a 12-hour party on the Galaxis Discord and in Twitter Spaces, in what has been deemed a “Singularity Event” including:

  • Demonstration of the “self-serve” platform
  • New website reveal
  • Many new partnership announcements
  • NFT giveaways every hour
  • Multiple community-wide NFT drops
  • Interviews with Galaxis partner projects
  • Special guests and live performances
  • A word from Ether Cards founder, Andras Kristof, on the future of the ecosystem

Ether Card holders will receive a host of benefits within the Galaxis ecosystem including free use of the new platform, discounted and upgraded services, a chance to win a CryptoPunk in a Battle Royale card game and NFT or token drops from partner projects.   Beginning on March 15, all cards will begin to accumulate $DUST, the native token of the Galaxis ecosystem, block-by-block, over a multi-year period.

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Val’s work as a visual artist gained wide attention and acclaim in the award-winning 2021 autobiographical documentary from Amazon Studios and A24, VAL. In the film, viewers saw Val parsing that name GOD out in multiples, inviting the viewer to abstract and examine the word and one’s own relationship with the word itself. Transforming this concept into collaborative NFTs is the first KAMP KILMER project to use the Galaxis Art Engine.

KAMP KILMER is offering a special free NFT available now for a limited time (purchasers only pay gas fees). This NFT will unlock future utility, including presale access to the upcoming GOD PANELS collection. In April, the first NFT collaborative offering under the KAMP KILMER banner, Kilmer’s GOD PANELS collection, will be released. GOD PANELS NFTs leverage elements of creative collaboration and gamification, to produce ever-evolving, ‘living’ works of digital art.

“I wanted to create an enclave in which all of us bohemians and pirates, actors, poets, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and academics can congregate, connect, and make things with me,” said Kilmer. “I searched for the ability to enable projects that could evolve and continue beyond my lifetime, all of our lifetimes. I asked: what if the project could run autonomously for generations to come? I call this realm KAMP KILMER.”

The GOD PANELS NFT project initially unfolds in two phases. The first, the Genesis Phase, is centered around the public sale of the initial GOD Panel art pieces that have been created by Kilmer. Once all of the art pieces that make up the Genesis Phase are sold, the project moves into the Expansion Phase. During the Expansion Phase, the number of art pieces in the project increases through collaboration. In this phase, Artist Collaborators ‘collaborate upon’ a Genesis Piece, creating a separate, new art piece (a derivative of the Genesis Piece), which incorporates their own artistic style and vision. This creative collaboration can entail anything from incorporating the entire Genesis Piece as a small element of a new, larger art piece, to adding a layer of embellishment on top of the Genesis Piece. Revenue from these ‘first generation’ derivative pieces is shared with Artist Collaborator.  The project will continue to evolve and the technology capabilities are enhanced and expanded.

“I am grateful to Galaxis for enabling my vision and creating a first-of-its-kind art engine that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables the creation of collections of collaborative, dynamic, continuously evolving digital art pieces,” continued Kilmer. “Something that was simply not possible prior to the Web3, crypto world.”

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