FE International Leads Acquisition of AnswerThePublic, a Keyword Research Tool SaaS Business, by NP Digital

FE International Leads Acquisition of AnswerThePublic, a Keyword Research Tool SaaS Business, by NP Digital

FE International, Inc., the global market leader in mid-market technology mergers and acquisitions (M&A), announces the acquisition of AnswerThePublic, a Keyword Research Tool SaaS Business, by NP Digital.

Launched in 2014, AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google, then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword. The tool allows customers such as digital agencies, PR firms and marketers to create highly relevant and demanded content to drive traffic, monitor trends, and discover underserved niches. This greatly helps in the ability to streamline content production, define marketing strategies and boost marketing efficiency.

CEO and Co-Founder of AnswerThePublic, Gary Preston, said, “We’re all very happy to announce that we’ve sold AnswerThePublic to the lovely folks at NP Digital who run Ubersuggest. The last eight years have been super fun, but it’s time to hand it over and let them play. We are really impressed with FE International and their team, who made the exit process seamless for us.”

Preston and his team will now focus 100% of their time on CoverageBook.

AnswerThePublic Co-Founders Jack Hubbard and Jim Jensen said, “It’s been a great journey, but we felt it was time to focus on our other companies. We’re excited for NP Digital and Ubersuggest to take over the reins. FE International provided all the guidance we needed throughout the exit process, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the final outcome.”

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NP Digital’s Ubersuggest has already built upon components of AnswerThePublic technology to meet the specific needs of the Ubersuggest customer. Businesses of all sizes, from SMB to global enterprise can now access this unique data visualization experience.

“The acquisition of AnswerThePublic will further expand the technology capabilities of Ubersuggest providing deeper insights to marketers,” said Lisa Ohman, COO of Ubersuggest. “The integration of two top industry tools powered by one of the fastest growing global agencies will truly usher in the next wave of advanced data insights and visualization.”

Mike Gullaksen, CEO of NP Digital, said, “NP Digital technology is designed to scale with the enterprise, but at the same time provide easily accessible insights to help growing companies add a competitive edge. The acquisition of AnswerThePublic enhances our digital ecosystem and I’m particularly excited for the depth it adds to our data analysis and visualization capabilities.”

FE International served as the sole sell-side M&A advisor on the acquisition of AnswerThePublic. “We are proud to have worked with both teams to get the deal closed. AnswerThePublic was an incredibly compelling acquisition opportunity for the new owner to take over a thriving SaaS business with strong cash flows and plenty of unexplored growth opportunities,” said Thomas Smale, CEO of FE International.

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