Fuse Analytics Integration With StrongSalt

Fuse Analytics based in Atlanta GA, has been migrating and storing enterprise data since 2014. As companies migrate to the cloud, and now, from one cloud service to another, migrating and storing data is becoming increasingly complex due to data privacy regulations. In addition to providing ETL services (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading of data to the new database) Fuse offers a data warehouse SaaS that holds all the legacy data that you need to hold onto, without the cost and complexity of storing in your new database. With proactive legacy data management, clients see a simplification and cost reduction by sunsetting legacy systems and optimizing current ones.

Until recently, Fuse Analytics used standard AES 256 encryption on all it’s clients data, which is the same level banks are used to. The issue is that by unlocking some of the data, you unlock all the data. Setting user permissions solved for most issues, but with increased Data Privacy laws, and the potential for rogue employees, they sought a superior solution. Enter StrongSalt.

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StrongSalt is the leading provider at third party encryption management, providing the customer complete privacy control of their data. This granular level encryption management allows the customer to apply encryption keys to any segment of data, so rather than one master key, the client has infinite keys and a management system to lock portions of data, and manage user access. They have full visibility of who is accessing their data, and can change it or modify it as needed.

“With most current cloud-based applications, encryption keys are held by vendors so customers have no control over who can decrypt their data. These keys are often shared across customers. Our partnership with StrongSalt enables Fuse’s customers to manage their own encryption giving them advanced control over who they allow to decrypt and see the data”, says Charles Eubanks, COO of Fuse Analytics.

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In addition to increased visibility and control, by keeping all PII (Personally Identifiable Information) encrypted at rest, in transit and in use, it solves major data privacy concerns, which can get quickly complex when sharing data with external vendors, especially across different countries.

Tony Scott, the former Federal CIO of the United States under the Obama administration is an advisor to StrongSalt. Scott says “You don’t have to let your data out of your hands unless you actually want to and make an active decision to do so. That’s really the intent of what’s behind current regulations, which is a nightmare for a lot of companies. StrongSalt offers a simple solution with a single portal for encryption management across all your data”.

In reference to using StrongSalt’s approach, Lydia de la Torre from Squire Patton Boggs says, “…this approach is the only ‘get out of jail free card.” De la Torre provides strategic privacy compliance advice related to US and EU privacy, including data protection and cybersecurity law, GDPR, CCPA, other state’s privacy, and cyber laws, and US financial privacy laws.

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