Hola Launches New Features For Its Innovative Browser To Broaden Borderless Experiences

Hola Browser is driving company growth as demand for transparent online experiences expands amidst increasing online restrictions surges

Today, Hola announced new features for its latest offering, Hola Browser, that allows global citizens the ability to achieve internet freedom. The newly released features include the first version of a price comparison service for its users. Typically, such services must be added to existing browsers, but with the Hola Browser, they all come as standard. Such innovative updates have seen Hola Browser achieve fast growth since launching earlier this year, resulting in a significant rise in user numbers in Q1 2022.

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“As we watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold, the need for safe, free and open access to public web content has never been greater”

Although it started as a VPN, Hola has now developed additional services, such as its leading browser, to support a digital world where content that is available in one region, can be consumed by all global citizens. The additional market-leading features provide this freedom, and these added capabilities are pushing Hola Browser toward its goal of over one million users by the end of the year.

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Hola’s products have been installed hundreds of millions of times by users in 192 countries, and this number continues to grow as state-led restrictions and the demand for a truly free internet simultaneously intensify. Geopolitical developments have highlighted the importance of technology that unlocks the internet so users across the world can have free access to information. Users are just a click away from downloading one of Hola’s products, which will provide immediate access to the public internet and its content. This allows users anywhere in the world to freely access entertainment, the best prices on e-commerce websites, basic information, and other resources.

“As we watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold, the need for safe, free and open access to public web content has never been greater,” explained Avi Raz Cohen, Hola’s General Manager. “The ability to access accurate information in such situations can be crucial, and Hola provides this service to people all over the globe. This means, for example, that a user from Russia can see the internet as an American user sees it, and thus becomes ‘equal.’ With state-led restrictions significantly increasing around the world, tools to combat this and provide a truly accessible user experience are key – and this is why the demand for Hola is continuing to grow. We’ll do all we can to support citizens around the world as they push for online freedom,” concluded Raz Cohen.

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