Huawei Partnered up with TheSports to Be Their Leading Sports Data Provider

With data significantly becoming valuable, the partnership between Huawei and TheSports is ground-breaking.

Huawei has partnered up with TheSports to be their leading sports data provider.

In the realm of the digital world, a massive bulk of the audience relies on Information and Communication technologies to keep themselves updated. Huawei is one of the oldest and leading global providers of information and communications technology (ICT) since 1987. Huawei works with the mission of bringing digital to every person. It operates in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

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Through open collaboration, Huawei tends to help promote and protect unified global standards, establish industry and ecosystem alliances, support international open-source projects, and drive breakthroughs in critical technologies. With artificial technology gaining a grip, Huawei has also introduced a virtual personal assistant that is all powered up by AI. It allows you to follow specific sports teams and events to see live scores in the users feed.

Data is crucial for sports; Various tools and techniques are applied to collect and preserve the data. Data keeps stories alive, and Sports fans value these stories greatly. As the leading sports data provider with a working experience of around 10 years, TheSports is the prime choice for anyone who seeks to gain sports data.

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The Sports provides the most reliable sports data API solutions and market-leading sports data that help companies and industries grow their business and achieve commercial value. It has rapidly grown to be a top sports data service provider in Asia, driven by a deep understanding of our client’s business needs. TheSports provides coverage for more than 380,000 matches annually. With coverage on over 15 sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, AM football, esports, water polo, badminton, handball, and snooker, TheSports brings you a wide range of types of data for sports in fixtures, live scores, standings, transfer players and many more.

Huawei creates value for its customers, and being a leader in sports data, TheSports value data. This partnership is great news for sports lovers as it translates into an unlimited flow of sports data.

With TheSports, Huawei users can have access to a plethora of accurate data with lower latency. Without a doubt, TheSports is certainly provides everything Huawei needs to keep its users updated.

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