Investment Forecast Platform Monstock introduces NFT function

Modurich, an IT company that creates various services and platforms using blockchain and cloud technology, is developing and operating a Monstock, the blockchain-based investment forecast information platform.

Monstock, an investment forecast platform operated by Modurich to solve the problems of the existing investment information market and provide value from a new perspective, expands the platform by introducing the NFT function.

Monstock allows anyone to forecast the future value of investment assets such as stocks and cryptocurrency and evaluate the hit rate. Members can post their own forecasts, rate other members’ posts and vote. Upon successful forecast, both posters and voters can be rewarded with Monstock Tokens.

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Monstock’s forecasts are stored as smart contracts on the Klaytn blockchain in order to avoid the forgery, and the forecast results and hit rate statistics are transparently disclosed to increase the reliability of information. In addition, by issuing Monstock Tokens, a Klaytn compatible token, a token ecosystem was established. Through this, a platform with high user participation was able to be accomplished.

A Monstock official stated, “The NFT functions to be introduced in Monstock are planned to be harmonized naturally by not harming the existing platform ecosystem. It will be utilized as the major element of the Monstock platform ecosystem beyond a simple collection concept such as NFT which certificates the hit rate of members’ forecast and NFT with various functions that can be used within the platform.”

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Monstock has started the first issue of their NFT on December 27, 2021 with using MFT(Monstock NFT) tickers. It is said that through continuous updates, additional functions and various NFTs will be issued.

Meanwhile, after the official service launch in 2021, The Crypto Company is continuing its successful steps, such as a rapid increase in users by the word of mouth as a ‘new Web 3.0 investment information service’. Currently, only the forecasting services for Korean stocks are available, but in the future, they will expand their forecasting area to cryptocurrency and US stocks and plan to launch global services with multilingual languages.

Monstock Tokens as a Klaytn based DEX are listed on Klayswap and being actively traded. It is increasing their distribution through airdrop events and in-platform mining.

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