iSIGN Patented Technology to Help Enforce Social Distancing in Las Vegas and Elsewhere Post COVID-19

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Hi-Tek Media and Omni Veil Inc. in conjunction with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., are pleased to announce plans to use the Omni Veil network, powered solely by iSIGN technology and hardware, to message social distancing reminders to the City of Las Vegas as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

While Las Vegas is eager to slowly start returning to normal, social distancing will be a major community issue.  Hi-Tek and Omni Veil are preparing to offer its existing vehicular and fixed location network to message reminders of regulations and cautions to avoid the further spread of the Coronavirus.

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All establishments, from restaurants, casinos, retail stores to retirement homes and government services locations will be promoted and introduced to iSIGN’s Safety Alert Messaging (SAM), for registering their internal management and employees.  The SAM registered staff of all establishments will have the instant ability to receive any messages of COVID infraction related alerts instantly to address social distancing, as well as other threatening events at their location.

SAM is available at NO-CHARGE to aid in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 for 6 months from April 1st, with no further obligation past the no-charge period.  It is our (iSIGN and its partners Hi-Tek and Omni Veil) donation in the fight to reduce and eliminate this virus.

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The Omni Veil Network from Hi-Tek, was originated as the first ever mobile vehicular network to enable sponsored messaging of any roadside, highway travel and community public alerts of any dangerous or threatening conditions.  Its launch was in Las Vegas and will serve and scale from Las Vegas.

Powered solely by iSIGN’s technology and hardware, the Omni Veil Network is the perfect solution to provide COVID-19 social distancing alerts outdoors, with SAM providing alerts to subscribed individuals both indoors and outdoors effectively anywhere.  Both companies have received positive responses and requests and continued major news media support is much needed and appreciated in these times.

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