Jordan Belfort “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” Enters The Metaverse With Ookay, Lil Bitcoin for Official Decentraland Halloween Party “NFTS ARE DEAD”

Curated and produced by event partners BEAR NFT, Banquet Labs, and BlackFlag and presented by Jordan Belfort’s Mezcal SantoInfierno, the Oct 31st 12:00am ET event will feature virtual haunts and spine-tingling activations and music

In partnership with Decentraland, BEAR NFT, Banquet Labs, BlackFlag and Jordan Belfort’s Mezcal SantoInfierno have teamed up to produce “NFTS ARE DEAD,” the premiere Metaverse event of the Halloween season. Taking place at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on October 31st (4:00 a.m. UTC), “NFTS ARE DEAD” will serve as Decentraland’s official Halloween party. It will also feature performances from some of the best musicians that have previously performed in the Metaverse, as well as the first ever live performance from one of the hottest virtual rappers around, Lil Bitcoin. Jordan Belfort, the real life “Wolf of Wall Street” and inspiration for the Martin Scorsese film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will also be making his Metaverse debut, wearing a special 1/1 Wearable as his costume called “The Pack Leader.”

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For newcomers to Decentraland, the event will showcase the boundless creative possibilities that are now possible inside the metaverse. Upon entry, attendees will have a choice between entering either heaven or hell themed parties that will each feature richly themed decorations and immersive environments, as well as a performance area and dance floor. Outside the venue, there will also be a haunted corn maze, which has options for different levels of scariness, for a thrilling immersive experience. The build was created by The Last Slice collective, known for their work creating Metaverse builds for Wall Street Bets.

Guests are invited to wear their best costume for photo opportunities, a costume contest and other fun surprises.

“We are thrilled to bring this great group of partners together and collectively build off of the success of our previous Metaverse events,” shared event producer and BEAR NFT co-founder Ryan Kieffer. “The level of detail in The Last Slice’s custom environmental builds creates an incredible spooky immersive experience that is unmatched across the Metaverse. We have taken you TO THE MOON and now we are excited to take you to the depths of hell with NFTS ARE DEAD.”

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The event will feature an array of musical performances, highlighted by previous Metaverse performers Ookay, Autograf, Category 5 and Tropix. Artists debuting in the Metaverse for the first time include Lil Bitcoin, BIIANCO and Thelen.

“It’s so good to be back into the metaverse to celebrate Halloween,” shared Ookay. “The Decentraland community has been so good and receptive to me and. I can’t wait to party with everyone again soon!”

Decentraland is a booming Metaverse and virtual hangout space for crypto and NFT enthusiasts and the global community. Users can buy and sell land, avatar wearables and other paraphernalia all backed by the Ethereum blockchain. Fans who attend “NFTS ARE DEAD” will have an opportunity to receive a POAP (proof of attendance protocol), or virtual token, that they can show off in their Decentraland profile.

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