Jotform Teams Launches as Shared Workspaces for Forms and Data

Jotform Teams enhances collaboration and provides flexibility for teams without sacrificing data security

Jotform, the leading online forms SaaS solution, launched Jotform Teams, shared workspaces for forms and data. Jotform Teams enables users to create forms, tables, e-signature documents, reports, approvals and apps within a shared workspace, making the assets accessible to users with different roles and permissions.

Jotform Teams provides new role-based access control, giving organizations more ways to collaborate and share platform assets without sacrificing data security.

“Whether teams are working in a physical office or remotely, collaboration tools like Jotform Teams have never been more important for improving the way organizations work together and manage their most important data,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of Jotform. “We take our users’ feedback to heart, and the development of Jotform Teams was based on just that. Our Enterprise customers were the inspiration, and we started working full speed ahead to create Jotform Teams to suit their needs.”

Jotform Teams provides

  • Workspaces for each team: Create workspaces where team members can access and edit all of their assets in one place. Users can move existing personal forms into team workspaces to promote collaboration.
  • Role-based access control: Choose the level of access for each team member. Roles include Team Admin, Data Collaborator, Data Viewer and Creator to maximize productivity without sacrificing data privacy or risk management.
  • Customizable team workspace: Jotform Teams allows users to create a true gathering spot that speaks to the brand of their company and team. Customize the cover image, team avatar and more to create a digital workspace that represents the whole team.
  • Team management at a glance: Use the activity log to monitor recent changes to forms and team members to maintain transparency across the team.

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Jotform Teams comes at a time when digital collaboration is expected and prioritized. Organizations want a place where they can gather with their teams to connect and work together – even when they are apart, and Jotform Teams helps make that happen.

“I manage data collection for our global departments in order to run our organization more smoothly and efficiently,” said a Jotform Teams beta user who works as a senior IT manager. “We have over 90 forms and have collected data from over 4,000 submissions, and Teams is the only thing that I have found on the market that gives me the ability to collaborate with my colleagues in a shared workspace. It’s all about improving workflow and Jotform Teams is it.”

Jotform offers a full suite of no-code products designed to help organizations manage their workflows, including a Form Builder, an e-signature solution, a PDF Editor, Mobile Forms, Tables, Apps, Approvals and more.

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