Mass² Launches Deal IQ to Help Brands Generate Precise Attribution Models

Advertiser Solutions Provide Clarity of First-Party Data to Curate Audiences Specific to Campaign Needs

Mass², a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nexstar Digital LLC, and premium provider of multi-screen digital advertising announced the launch of its Deal IQ technology. Built on data science and machine learning tech, Deal IQ leverages proprietary audience and inventory data from Nexstar’s owned and brand safe supply of 171 local broadcast stations and 2,000 direct publisher integrations. This unique approach maximizes ROI and unlocks predictive relationships for top brands, agencies, and network demand partners.

Much of the industry’s 3rd party, off-the-shelf data lacks a clear methodology for classification and the recency to develop accurate audience models. Building off of the data foundation from Nexstar Media, in 100 different markets and providing 500MM+ impressions per month, Deal IQ’s first-party data is collected and updated in real time, allowing their data science team to analyze the attributes of its clients desired audience and create a model to predict similar users.

Mass² Launches Deal IQ to Help Brands Generate Precise Attribution Models
Marika Roque

“One of the biggest issues plaguing brand marketers right now is a lack of transparency. With the launch of Deal IQ, we are eliminating those barriers brands have to their engaged audiences with quality data that allows us to start from strength, not scratch when modeling towards their desired actions,” said Marika Roque, VP, Digital Operations at ‎Mass².

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Mass² suite of Deal IQ solutions is creating a new, trusted foundation for data and inventory exchange across the ad tech value chain. They include:

  1. Reach: Unlock scale and KPI efficiency through automated optimization.  Declare your KPI and let our machines do the heavy lifting.
  2. Inventory: Anticipate where converting audiences spend their time. Our data science team also creates exclusion groups to avoid targeting users that have already converted or are unlikely to convert.
  3. Audience: Expands target audiences with predictive audience matching. The audience solution takes a customized data strategy approach that is 100% transparent and defined in the front end to set parties up for success.

“To put all of this into context, a global insurance brand recently came to us with the primary goal of driving conversions in the form of quote requests. Using conversion rate as the KPI metric within the Deal IQ platform, our proprietary modeling approach performed 54% better than the standard audience and contextual targeting methods,” continued Roque.

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Since the Mass² official launch in February, the ad tech company has been committed to building the right team of data scientists and engineers to help create best-in-class products for their clients– addressing the industry need when it comes to transparency, access to first-party data, and marrying the right type of data and inventory. The company has established an unparalleled foundation built on data, enabling advertisers to reach real people by getting closer to their audiences and relying less on targeting based off of cookie ID’s.

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