MetaLuxuria Aims to Bridge Gap Between Real World Utility and Metaverse with NFT Collection of Unique Luxury Estates with Immersive Virtual Reality and Gaming

With all the frothiness of the NFT market and many of the same old projects, MetaLuxuria is bringing what the market was missing. MetaLuxuria is the most innovative new NFT and Metaverse collection to exist. Their world-class team of Bespoke Designers, Gaming Developers, Developers and Entrepreneurial Management has led them to create the biggest project the NFT and Metaverse has seen.

Immersive Metaverse Mansions & Estates | Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming | Real World Utility | Real-Time Sports Betting and Gambling | Luxury & Business Community | Unparalleled Giveaways

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MetaLuxuria will launch an initial collection of 5,555 unique Luxury Mansions & Estates with immersive Virtual Reality that allow users to Host Events, Play-to-Earn Games, Interact with Luxury Assets including Vehicles and more. Each Estate will have unique features and assets that lead to the rarity and value of the NFT collection. From private jets, to UFOs and unique mini-games – each Estate will be a game in itself. “Long term, we expect this collection to be one of the most valuable NFT collections to ever exist due to the unparalleled immersive experience coupled with real-world utility and income opportunities for MetaLuxuria Holders,” MetaLuxuria Founder, Billy, stated.

The real-world utility is where the MetaLuxuria project is changing the game. A % of sales will be locked and donated to Non-Profits and Projects to help Youth and Underserved Communities as well as Animal Organizations. In addition, the MetaLuxuria project is doing something that has never been done before. A % of sales will be locked into a Treasury Account that will be used to make investments in real world Tech Start Ups and give MetaLuxuria NFT Holders access to real “shares” in Tech Startups, distributed through NFTs and Tokens.

Did we mention Giveaways? MetaLuxuria has a mind-blowing roadmap of giveaways planned for their community. To start, a 100 ETH giveaway is planned to drop Q3. Additional giveaways include Trips, ETH, NFT Airdrops and even a car!

“Our entire focus is to provide immense value to our community through giveaways, investment opportunities, education, business resources and the flat-out best Metaverse experience that has ever hit the market. We are going to change the game forever.” Founder Billy was quoted. “It’s just what we do.”

Founders of MetaLuxuria include Tech Startup Founders and successful entrepreneurs that have brought several SaaS companies to market and successful exits. This has made this project one of the most anticipated projects of 2022, and quite frankly, all NFT collections thus far.

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