Metaverse-As-A-Service: A New Industry

Reach Cloud and LE4F.AGENCY pioneering metaverse-as-a-service with a new partnership

Who are Reach and Le4f? Reach Cloud is an infrastructure provider for the metaverse. The Reach team has created the tools to create functional, accessible virtual spaces that are able to be experienced by users on PC, VR, and mobile devices. These metaspaces are able to be created and updated rapidly and are able to incorporate multi-user, NFT, and AR functionalities providing the best tools for users to create metaspaces much like how Wix allows people to create websites.

Together we unleash your company’s potential for organic growth in the ever-expanding digital universe. From the (re-)design of your website and developing the necessary technical infrastructure to delivering expert advice on all digitization topics – we help solve your business problems, create unique digital assets and bring your vision to life by leveraging future tech, digital tools and bespoke strategies.

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What is metaverse and how can this help my company?

A metaverse is a collection of virtual spaces where users and creators interact very similarly to the existing internet but with more points of connection between each other. This allows for more interaction, while providing the buffer of an avatar. Instead of simply messaging their client, an agency could have a meeting in a shared metaspace, without the worry of a dropped call or face-to-face issues. Their avatars could present a meeting without a change of clothes or worry that their camera isn’t on.

Additionally, the use of a metaverse allows for agencies and clients to have access to 3D space creation. Say our agency is an architecture firm. Not only could we provide charts and renders of the clients building, but we could walk them through their building in the metaverse before it is even built. They would also have access to 3D space creation and would be able to make live edits, furthering the connection to the project and ensuring client satisfaction

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