MSIGHTS Grows Platform Applications To Streamline Marketing Operations

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MSIGHTS, an early company in the marketing-technology space with more than 15 years in the field, has updated and added applications as part of its latest development of growth into marketing operations and campaign management

MSIGHTS, an early company in the marketing-technology space with more than 15 years in the field, has updated and added applications as part of its latest development of growth into marketing operations and campaign management.

“With long-standing client relationships, MSIGHTS has evolved from providing specific data integration reporting services to being a mission critical platform that helps run their marketing operations,” says Scott East, the CEO and co-founder of MSIGHTS.

“As a part of this collaboration with our clients, we have continued to grow and build the platform so that it includes several other areas beyond data integration and reporting.”

The MSIGHTS Platform is expanding its capabilities which are all designed to help marketers navigate the complexities of marketing campaign management from planning through analysis. MSIGHTS began in 2004 with a mission to help marketers collect and analyze results and paid media data so they can make faster more insightful marketing decisions. The company has progressed far beyond its initial objective and purpose, and now is an active partner with its clients in all aspects of their marketing programs.

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In essence, MSIGHTS serves as an extension of its clients’ marketing operations teams. The Platform allows marketers to easily interconnect data from fragmented point solutions, cleanse and normalize data and drive overall data governance throughout the value chain – critical elements for marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

This shift has enabled MSIGHTS to separate itself from the marketing analytics, performance, and attribution category, by providing end-to-end visibility from planning to performance as well as a continued focus on data quality, governance, and unified data sets for measurement.

The Platform now includes:

  • Media Briefs is an application that allows clients to standardize the creation of media briefs. It streamlines collaboration by routing briefs for feedback and approval between client marketing team and agency partners.
  • Creative Details is complementary to a digital-asset management (DAM) system or a content-management platform. It allows analysts to categorize aspects of creative executions for deeper analysis to determine what elements drive response.
  • Data Sources leverages how sources can be mapped and connected using the MSIGHTS data model rather than disparate independent source data, providing the benefit of organized, structured data from the start. MSIGHTS continuously builds APIs and direct integrations with all types of marketing sources.
  • Lead Importer accelerates validation of response and lead data based on targeting parameters and validation rules enabling deeper enrichment capabilities (**lead importer is highly customizable for enterprise, versus an off the shelf software).
  • Data Exchange allows transformed data sets to flow into any tool of the client’s choice whether it’s MSIGHTS reporting, a client’s data lake, Microsoft Excel or a 3rd party visualization tool like Tableau. MSIGHTS provides high flexibility for exporting custom data sets.
  • Workbooks is a module in reporting that allows users to group and share their dashboards, providing a better way to enhance storytelling and team collaboration.
  • KPI Goals provides a high level of customization for KPIs, budgets and benchmarks across any area of media and creative for any time period.

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“After 15 years in the space and seeing the industry fragment have poor data quality, disjointed results from plans and budgets, and self-service solutions fail, our focus is to keep scaling towards overall marketing and data operations to help clients pull it all together, “ says Jim Groo, the Managing Director of EMEA & APAC for MSIGHTS.

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