Muziqq Selects Frontera Group, Inc., and Intellimedia Networks as Technology Partners

Frontera Group Inc. - OTC: FRTG

Music platform set to reimagine the music industry to benefit artists and fans

Frontera Group, Inc announced that Muziqq, Inc. (“Muziqq”) has selected the Company’s intellectual property as a base for Muziqq’s new music platform that will power a new chapter in the business of music production. Muziqq will be utilizing Frontera’s IP that was recently acquired from Intellimedia Networks, Inc. in order to speed up the realization of this new model which they believe will transform the music industry.

“We are excited about what we will accomplish in this partnership as we aim to create a reimagining of the music industry to the benefit of artists and fans worldwide. We believe the selection of Frontera Group and Intellimedia Networks as our technology partners is critical to our success. Several announcements in the next few months will clarify how Muziqq intends to revolutionize music and its positive impact on artists and fans. Muziqq will spearhead the next evolution of music,” said Muziqq CEO Clifford Lerebours.

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“This is the realization of our acquisition of Intellimedia’s IP earlier this year. We believe our intellectual property enables the rapid development and deployment of various business models, especially entertainment, media, and training verticals. The music world is about to undergo another fundamental change with the new Muziqq platform, and we are looking forward to being a critical component,” said Andrew De Luna, Interim Chief Executive Officer of FRTG.

“We have a strategy to acquire and invest in companies that we believe will be the next wave of new technologies with a keen focus on applications that markets require and are ready to buy. Muziqq is the perfect example of our goal,” said Mann Yam, Chairman of the Board of FRTG. “We will now work to discover and power recurring revenue models across several markets”.

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