Narrative Launches Limited Preview Of Data Shops, Enabling Companies To Quickly Stand Up A Data Business

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To simplify the creation of revenue-generating data businesses, Narrative, the data streaming platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and win, announced that it has launched a limited preview of Data Shops. The new software offering helps organizations package, sell, and deliver datasets via their own branded digital storefront, and is immediately available through the company’s Early Access Program.

Data Shops makes it fast and easy for companies to build a new revenue stream by monetizing the data they already collect. It enables data owners to warehouse any type of data—from any source and any industry—package and price it, and sell it via a customized online store. With Data Shops, owners retain full control of their data go-to-market strategy, including licensing terms and who can access their shop.

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During the limited preview, users will get exclusive early access to the easy-to-use workflows and powerful automations that fuel Data Shops, and an opportunity to guide the development of the product for open release. The Narrative team will work closely with users to help them stand up their data storefronts and monitor feedback and input.

“Our goal with Data Shops is to make it as easy to spin up a store for data as Shopify has made it to create an e-commerce experience for physical goods,” said Narrative CEO and founder Nick Jordan. “We take the Shopify analogy one step further by providing logistical support as well, from warehousing data to delivering it to buyers. We’ve created a turnkey, end-to-end data monetization experience that will allow companies with interesting data to monetize it almost immediately.”

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Narrative Data Shops is a suite of apps that allows businesses to tailor Narrative’s technology to fit an organization’s structure, and meet their current and future business needs. The Data Shops collection of apps includes:

  • Dataset Manager to allow businesses to transform raw data into standardized datasets for easy packaging and discoverability.
  • Seller Studio to create data access rules and specific data products to offer up for sale publicly or privately.
  • CRM to easily view and communicate with customers, access data subscriptions, monitor reports and track sales.
  • Storefront Designer to create a branded digital storefront experience customized to a company’s brand and messaging.

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