OLB Introduces Omnisoft Cloud-Based Commerce Platform

Comprehensive Suite of Integrated Business Services Includes Inventory, Back-Office, and Payment Acceptance to Simplify Operations and Reduce Costs

The OLB Group Inc., a provider of merchant-centric SaaS solutions for small and medium businesses, announced the release of its Omnisoft cloud-based merchant service platform. Omnisoft integrates multiple business functions into a single, intuitive portal to help businesses facilitate operations and improve overall performance. Omnisoft is available through Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and merchant banks.

“Most businesses are burdened with juggling multiple software programs to manage different operational elements, which requires a substantial amount of time to learn, manage, and maintain each system,” said Ronny Yakov, chief executive officer of OLB. “Omnisoft.o alleviates this pain point by delivering a fully integrated and comprehensive tool to manage multiple business functions from one screen, thereby allowing personnel to regain control of their time and empowering them to focus on engaging with customers and building profits.”

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Omnisoft.io is a cloud-based platform which integrates inventory control, marketing, sales – online and in store —and web services into a single portal. It has an advanced API and pre-built integrations with leading accounting applications, payment terminals, and shipping services, to streamline operations. In addition, Omnisoft delivers robust marketing tools for web-based stores, outbound marketing campaigns, customer curation, and social media engagement. Merchants can flexibly access Omnisoft via computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Omnisoft removes the need for merchants to install or maintain business applications onsite — Omnisoft takes care of these tasks remotely. In addition, Omnisoft incorporates a payment processing gateway to enable seamless payment processing at competitive rates utilizing many major POS terminals.

“Merchants can always benefit from the elimination of operational complexity,” said Rick Oglesby, president of AZ Payments Group. “ISOs seeking to expand their value and services can open new doors and revenue opportunities by offering more robust solutions. Omnisoft offers end-to-end solutions focused on helping merchants lead simpler lives.”

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