OpenLocker Announces the Launch of OpenStable with leading Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks Horses to Engage Next Generation Racing Fans with NFTs

OpenLocker Inc., a sports marketing and technology startup that has developed a fan-friendly blockchain platform, announces the launch of its OpenStable marketplace dedicated to engaging the next generation of thoroughbred racing fans. The Legendary Racing Prospects Collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will initially include Epicenter and Echo Zulu who are leading contenders heading into the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks the first weekend in May.

Building on its success using digital collectibles to create the Bone Yard Huskyz Club for sports fans at the University of Connecticut, OpenLocker plans to build OpenStable as a platform where racing fans can go to become part of an exclusive community. “We are excited to bring together the technology solution we created for the monetization of college NIL to the racing industry. Fans of racing want to follow a horse over the course of its career and be part of a special club. Our model grants access to exclusive information, collectibles, and experiences so fans can fully enjoy the journey,” said Brian Klatsky, OpenLocker President.

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“It is so important that the industry supports innovative ideas that help grow, develop and engage a new generation of racing consumers,” said Ron Winchell of Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC. “I am delighted that Epicenter and Echo Zulu are a small part of this initiative to allow fans the opportunity to feel closer to our athletes.”

“We are looking forward to supporting the owners, trainers and jockeys with an additional revenue stream that they can use to cover the costs associated with thoroughbred racing or contribute to charitable causes,” added Braxton Lynch, OpenLocker’s Racing Director.

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