Outbrain Becomes Michelin’s Most Engaging Customer Channel

Outperforming Social, Outbrain Boosts Michelin’s Winter Campaign Engagement

Outbrain, a leading recommendation platform for the open web, announced the initial results of its partnership with the Michelin Group, the world’s leading tire manufacturer for more than a century, to drive high onsite engagement. Through the activation of Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) and promoted open web recommendations, Outbrain quickly became Michelin’s best performing campaign channel. This resulted in a 16% decrease in the average cost-per visitor.

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Via the recommendation of Michelin’s media agency, Havas Market, the tire manufacturer tapped Outbrain to promote its winter tire line and generate qualified traffic that would direct consumers to content, as well as details of local retailers. Specifically, Michelin benchmarked Outbrain against social channels and qualified engagement above 30 seconds at a maximum cost-per-visit of €1.50.

“Outbrain allowed us to reach a quality audience, at a time when their attention was at its peak and thanks to its unique data and innovative new features, Outbrain has become one of the main partners in our digital media mix,” said Benoît de Susbielle, Michelin Group’s Global Media Director. “We are now looking to extend this collaboration to all Michelin highlights throughout the year.”

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“Michelin is yet another example of how Outbrain provides brands tailored solutions to outperform social platforms,” said Ayal Steiner, Vice President, Global Ad Revenue at Outbrain. “More and more brands are moving away from impressions, reach and frequency to focus more on engagement, time on site and qualified leads. Outbrain is the most efficient way to engage consumers across the open web.”

Michelin has long been known for its premium, high-quality brand association, as well as its reputation for storytelling. With over 120 years of publishing guides, beginning with trip details in the early 1900s for mechanics, lodging and vendors and eventually being recognised as the “bible of all dining guides.”

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