PinkSale Fair Launch for InstaFanz, the First Blockchain Platform Connecting Creators and Fans

Built on blockchain technology, InstaFanz is a decentralized streaming platform that aims to empower creators in delivering their content to their fans. It leverages a transparent and secure blockchain-based payment system and environment to overcome challenges, including payment processing and self-censorship, being faced by creators. As a first-of-its-kind platform, InstaFanz has the potential to disrupt the creator economy, allowing a much-needed shift of power from the platform to the creator.

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InstaFanz Tokenomics


The upcoming platform has its currency, InstaFanz Tokens, called “IFANZ”, schedule to fairlaunch on Pinksale. IFANZ tokens can be bought by swapping BNB tokens and used to purchase or sell products and services on the platform. 3% of every transaction, buy or sell, between the users is added to a liquidity pool that promotes the health and price stability of the token. Another 3% of the transactions get converted to BNB and added to a redistributed pool for the token holders.

Automatic Rewards

Every InstaFanz token holder is eligible to receive a reward from the redistribution pool. This encourages widespread trading among users as more transactions amount to a bigger pool. It also facilitates the flow of tokens from one account to another, resulting in ecosystem growth.

Decentralized Content Sharing

InstaFanz leverages the speed and redundancy of decentralization for scalability to deliver thousands of videos per second. Unlike centralized platforms, which are governed by a few influential authorities, InstaFanz enforces precise, transparent, and automated rules using blockchain technology. The platform seeks to build an ecosystem for creators to freely pursue their goals and harmoniously reach their successes.

NFTs & NFT Marketplace

In addition to streaming their content, entertainers and influencers can also turn their photos and videos into tradable NFTs right on the platform. InstaFanz offers a launchpad for minting NFTs and a marketplace for selling them. InstaFanz NFT marketplace provides digital content creators better opportunities to monetize their assets.

Gift Shop

InstaFanz creators work tirelessly to provide their best content to their fans. Fans can incentivize them for the content they like with rewards, on top of their subscription fee, to encourage them to make more of it. Gift Shop is another excellent feature that allows fans to show their appreciation for their favorite creator by buying and sending them gifts, such as flowers, lingerie, and chocolates.

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Better UI/UX

User experience on the content sharing side of the blockchain can be crude and complex for most creators. However, InstaFanz platform has been created in a non-distracting way that does not feel complex and has a responsive and intuitive user experience, with tested sub-second latency.

The global content creator market paints a bright picture for the future with a size of US$ 11 billion in 2019, with a 12% CAGR through 2030. InstaFanz aims to complete this picture by helping both creators and their fans reach their full potential.

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