Productboard Announces Smart Automations and Enhanced Roadmapping to Help Product Organizations Be Customer-Centric

With automated insights, interactive roadmaps, and advanced prioritization, product teams can now accelerate the product lifecycle and deliver more value to their customers.

Productboard, the customer-centric product management platform that helps teams get the right products to market faster, today announced a suite of features to transform and elevate the way product organizations operate. The new releases will allow product managers to easily convert customer feedback into actionable insights through smart automations, drive alignment through embeddable, interactive roadmaps, and make more informed decisions with clear, streamlined prioritization frameworks. This collection of features will further enhance the Productboard platform, enabling product teams to accelerate the product lifecycle and deliver more value to their customers.

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As every company goes digital, product management organizations are under more pressure than ever. They are being pushed to move faster, while struggling to keep up with customers’ changing needs and achieve cross-functional alignment in our new hybrid world. As a result, only about 50% of product managers are confident that the products and features on their roadmaps reflect the needs of their users and support their long-term business strategy, according to the 2021 Product Excellence Report. This problem is further intensified for enterprise product teams that operate on a larger scale.

“Product teams are constantly caught in a never-ending cycle of being reactive, rather than executing on a clear proactive product strategy, which means teams aren’t prioritizing the right products to ship, or worse, launching products users don’t want,” said Hubert Palan, Founder & CEO of Productboard. “We’ve purpose-built this new set of features to help product managers automate and streamline core product workflows, so they can focus on what matters most – delivering impactful products for their customers.”

Transform Customer Feedback Into Actionable Insights

As always, Productboard is putting customers at the forefront of its launch, and now with this offering, Productboard is enabling its customers to be more customer-centric too.

“Prior to this, it was a full-time job to triage notes. I was essentially a “traffic cop,” routing all notes to product managers by tagging their product area manually, and then manually assigning specific product managers ownership. Productboard is taking the headache out of this by reducing the time it takes to draw insights on customer feedback,” said Julia Matthews from DataRobot.

Product managers get inundated with customer feedback from all channels. With its new release, Productboard is helping product teams tune out the noise, make sense of relevant customer feedback, and stay on top of evolving customer needs by:

  • Routing relevant customer feedback to the right teams through Insights Automation.
  • Surfacing meaningful customer feedback through Smart Feature Suggestions – powered by machine learning.
  • Discovering the topics that matter most to customers through Insights Trends.

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Drive Alignment with Interactive, Embeddable Roadmaps

“As a product-led company, it’s critical for us to clearly communicate with our stakeholders about our roadmap. Productboard is changing the game with software that’s customer-centric from top to bottom, and helping us get buy-in on our roadmap with more ease,” said Joe Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Loom. “The Productboard and Loom integration is a natural next step for both tools – Loom’s video messaging and video engagement metrics coupled with Productboard’s advanced roadmapping will streamline and improve communication, helping product teams get alignment faster.”

It’s challenging to gain buy-in on the product roadmap, and keep cross-functional stakeholders and executives informed along the way. Productboard is transforming the way product managers collaborate and align their teams. Now, product teams can:

  • Create a richer roadmap experience by conveying the product vision and providing context on roadmaps through pre-recorded videos using Productboard’s Loom Integration.
  • Keep stakeholders informed on product plans by embedding real-time roadmaps in any document through Roadmap Sharing.
  • Eliminate information silos and continually show progress on objectives, features, and releases through Roadmap Progress.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Advanced Prioritization

In addition to industry-leading frameworks like RICE, WSJF, and ROI, Productboard now offers Custom Prioritization Formulas that will ensure prioritization is tailored to an organization’s unique business needs. Not only can product managers align their work to business goals, product strategy, and customer impact, but product leaders can also standardize prioritization methodologies across all teams to enable better, faster decision-making.

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