Robin8 Beta Launches Revolutionary Blockchain Social Media + Digital Asset Marketplace for Photographers, Artists, Influencers, Inventors and Intellectual Property Owners

Register and Protect Your IP and Digital Assets on the Blockchain with Ability to Sell to Others

Blockchain has become quite the revolution in the tech world, but until now, there has been no real application for the masses to utilize the power of blockchain. The Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) by Robin8 is a revolutionary new blockchain platform where artists, inventors, influencers and digital property owners can claim ownership of data or digital assets by uploading it to the blockchain and buy/sell. Using PMES, digital data cannot be deleted or altered and includes a 100% truly verifiable date stamp.

Now with PMES, any photographer, artist, influencer, expert, or inventor can claim and protect their intellectual property and/or digital assets and sell their IP or assets through a user-friendly interface and secure digital wallet—as well as buy assets from other users. Purchases are made using a world-wide accepted cryptocurrency and accessed via a password key that is unique to the buyer.

“Robin8’s profile management ecosystem (PMES) is a new revolutionary blockchain digital asset marketplace that is about empowering everyone with their data,” says Miranda Tan, CEO and founder of Robin8. “With PMES, influencers, artists, inventors and digital property owners can now protect and claim ownership of their IP and property on the blockchain. Robin8’s mission is simple—to allow everyone to control their data, monetize it, and to decide who gets to use it.”

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“As an executive in the digital media world, we often see music and song writers get their songs and lyrics stolen. This also applies to inventors and influencers who work hard to produce unique IP only to have people steal it because there is no easy way for them to safeguard their idea without paying thousands to attorneys to copyright it,” says Hassan Miah, Chairman and co-founder. “Now with PMES, these people that frequently have their IP stolen have a way to protect their valuable IP and control their assets by uploading it to the blockchain for a few dollars.”

What is PMES?

  • The Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES) is a new ecommerce blockchain technology offering the best solution for data and digital asset trading.
  • Unlike other third party, ecommerce platforms, PMES is an intermediary site only that never sees or gets access to any user’s data or assets.
  • PMES provides a user-friendly interface to create a library of digital assets that are added to the blockchain with just one click.
  • PMES makes it possible to upload assets using anonymous features of blockchain.
  • PMES users can sell their assets to other users based on the price they set as well as buy assets from other PMES users.
  • Purchases are made in the PMES digital wallet using QTUM or PUT (Profile Utility Token by Robin8).
  • PMES also has a social network where users can share and discuss their assets on their “feed” and can follow other users based on interests to see their posted content.
  • Users earn points for using PMES—for example: registering, referring friends, posting on their feed, uploading to the blockchain and more. Points can be redeemed for special features and perks.

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What type of data or digital assets can be uploaded to PMES:

Anything that you want to prove is owned and controlled by you. For example, real estate, inventions, music, writing, etc.

Secondly, any digital asset you own and want to sell such as music, inventions, IP ownership, real estate ownership, ebooks, software, password keys, cryptocurrency tokens listed on stock exchanges, social media profile data, video or other content training programs, photographs, databases, images, graphic design, marketing swipe files, survey data, and much more can be uploaded to the blockchain using PMES.

What is the Profile Utility Token (PUT)?

Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) is a cryptocurrency in a digital ecosystem supporting a new wave of social media and eCommerce where we empower everyone with their own data and digital assets on the blockchain.

Problems with current digital asset trading platforms:

  • Assets become available to third party “middle men.”
  • There’s no guarantee that your digital assets will not be intercepted by another third-party and used without permission.
  • No reliable record of the digital content transfer. This leaves room for fraud by the seller and the buyer.
  • Risk of third party trading platform shutting down and asset owner must find a new trading platform.
  • Selling assets world-wide can be challenging with so many different currencies in the world.
  • Most cloud-based storage platforms do not have ecommerce capability.

Blockchain establishes “immutable timestamp” of the digital upload which can be helpful for copyrights, patents and other uses. It is up to the owner to manage their assets and consult with legal sources to understand their rights.

PMES does the following:

  • Establishes an immutable timestamp of the digital asset upload.
  • Makes it possible to upload assets using anonymous features of Blockchain.
  • Allows the owner to sell or offer rental use rights to others.
  • Supports a social network for users to share and discuss their assets.

PMES does NOT:

  • Prove ownership of the asset. There is no feature to validate ownership.
  • Substitute for any legal filings that may be required to fully achieve copyright or patent rights.
  • Prevent assets from being copied once on the Blockchain.

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