Improves Client Results for Legal Marketing Agencies like AttorneySync and GNGF

Law-firm marketing agencies choose leading virtual receptionist service to help their clients grow faster

Two marketing agencies specializing in the legal industry have partnered with virtual receptionist service to offer their law firm clients the tools they need to capture and qualify new leads looking for legal services. After reviewing a number of services in the virtual receptionist category, AttorneySync and GNGF both chose for the company’s proven track record of delivering comprehensive solutions that directly contribute to business growth at a cost their clients can afford, whether the law firms are just starting out or significantly scaling operations.

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For law firms, as well as most businesses, there isn’t enough bandwidth to manage crucial tasks like answering calls, identifying quality leads through effective screening, and booking appointments. The 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report identified that 76% of attorneys are overworked, and yet 87% seek to grow their firms in the next 3 years. makes this possible by taking care of time-consuming communication tasks remotely, reliably, and accurately, providing the quality of in-house staff and the efficiency of technology through a combination of skilled agents and artificial intelligence (AI).

“We’re dedicated to helping our partners like AttorneySync and GNGF succeed. Working with marketing agencies just makes sense: They generate leads to law firms, but lawyers are busy serving clients. About 67% of clients choose the firm that answers the phone, simple as that,” said Maddy Martin, Head of Growth and Education at “Our receptionists serve as the firm’s frontline, so they don’t miss out on new clients, often who they paid their agency to attract in the first place. A receptionist service can significantly improve return on ad spend (ROAS), not to mention increase productivity. Imagine what happens when there aren’t constant interruptions from phone calls: work gets done.”

In addition to answering calls, also responds to website inquiries, text messages, and Facebook messages with its live-staffed and AI chat solutions. Businesses benefit from consistent, prompt, and helpful responses, no matter the communication channel.

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“Responsiveness remains one of the largest sources of frustration for legal services consumers,” said Gyi Tsakalakis, President of AttorneySync. “As an advocate, as well as a customer of, we have witnessed the transformative impact of enabling faster, more efficient communications,” he added.

GNGF has also seen positive effects. Mark Homer, Founder of GNGF, noted, “Having a dedicated intake staff to convert new leads is vital for our clients. But most can’t afford that expense. is the answer.”

“Whether the market is strong or the economic outlook is uncertain, it’s always a good business practice to add efficient and effective solutions to law firm operations,” said Maddy. “It’s a fairly conservative approach: The combined cost of a marketing campaign and a service like ours actually reduces the total cost to acquire clients because you’re able to capture and convert more and better leads. The net effect is a lower cost per new client.”

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