Swit Collaboration Tool To Be Adopted Company-wide By S&I Corp.

Swit Technologies (CEO Josh Lee), an enterprise collaboration software for streamlined communication and project management, has been selected by S&I Corp. (CEO Hyung Won-Jun), a property management firm, as their SaaS of choice for use across the entire company.

S&I Corp., which implements IT and hi-tech software for safer and more efficient construction and maintenance of a property, sought an all-inclusive solution that would allow for higher quality, real-time customer service, and internal collaboration.

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S&I Corp. ultimately decided on Swit to serve as their front-end hub for MS365.

Won-jun Hyung, took office as the new CEO of S&I Corp. in March, having previously worked as the Chief Digital Innovation Officer (CDO) of Doosan Group and the CEO of SAP Korea. Mr. Hyung said, “Through Swit, we plan to adopt a lateral mode of communication that is more transparent and convenient. We want to change the way we work with agile methods and design thinking, and strengthen the collaboration capabilities of all our employees.”

Swit’s co-founder and CEO, Josh Lee said, “Mr. Hyung, an expert on the workings of enterprise companies, is well aware of the capabilities and potential of Swit. Many companies will adopt remote and hybrid work moving forward, and our goal is to help businesses that are struggling with company-wide collaboration improve work management.”

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Swit is a global SaaS collaboration solution selected by G2, the world’s largest enterprise software marketplace, as the ‘Best Software’ in the project management field for the second year in a row, and as an ‘Innovative and New App’ by Google Marketplace.

Swit, which has been adopted by over 40,000 teams and enterprise customers worldwide, will release game-changing plug-ins including OKR, Agile, and Project Management updates later this year, and provide support for 13 languages with local currency payment options, targeting the global market more aggressively.

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