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techUK Launches Study Asking, “What Does B2B Tech Sales Need from Marketing in 2020?”

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techUK, Champion Communications and Pure Potential have partnered to launch a study investigating the ways in which marketing can be of greater value to sales and business development in business-to-business technology companies. The first part of this research is a survey of business development executives, to develop a greater understanding of what sales teams really need from marketing to enable them to complete their jobs more effectively. This will be followed by a report and a series of workshops to explore the findings.

Professionals responsible for sales or business development within B2B technology companies are invited to participate in the research. The data will form part of a report made available to techUK members and the wider business community in early 2020.

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Glyn Hughes, Head of Business Development at techUK, said: “At techUK, we are committed to helping our members grow and enabling the UK technology sector to thrive. One way in which we do this, is by reducing business costs and risks for our members. techUK is proud to support this research that will be used to guide marketing strategies within B2B technology companies, ensuring they are having a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Richard Cook, managing director at Champion Communications, added: “For too long, marketing and sales units within B2B technology companies have been acting in silos. Businesses have spent countless amounts of cash analyzing buyer behavior and working with marketing analysts to develop strategic approaches, but not enough is done to ask the CSO’s and their colleagues what is actually going on.

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It is time to talk to business development professionals to ask them exactly what they want from marketing to make them more effective. By bridging the gap between marketing and sales, businesses can generate more sales and more revenue. Champion Communications is dedicated to providing sales teams with the content they need to initiate, progress, or close sales conversations.”

Neville Merritt, Director at Pure Potential, said: “Throughout my career I have worked in both marketing and sales, which has given me insight into the disconnect that can exist. I have long believed that marketing and sales have the same objective – to win business. Yet too often, the two functions operate entirely separately. This research will give a voice to business development executives who have not been involved in marketing strategy conversations.”

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