The Novatar is Here to Disrupt Your Digital Identity

The Novatar project is here to elevate the NFT avatars revolution to a new level. The project gives its NFT enthusiasts a fresh perspective on digital identities.

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Each of the 25K Novatars is a newborn baby and each is unique in terms of appearance, race, and skin color. The mechanics on the blockchain work in a way that newborn baby avatars can age after minting. The owner has the chance to decide when to “age” the baby, transforming it into an adult. During the aging process, the baby will keep some of the genes which were present at the start.

After the aging, the baby genes remain, however, the new ones are added. The basic gene pool consists of 9 genes, while the adult gene pool can vary from 10 to 14.

For baby avatars, each gene has six variations, while for adults, each gene has eleven variations (except for the genes responsible for skin, hair, eyes, and eyebrows colors).

Novatars usage cases

  • Novatars are meant to be used as a virtual identity on social networks and metaverses.
  • Novatars can be used for virtual and real-life events organized for the community members.

Things to keep in mind regarding Novatars

  • There will be only 25K Novatars.
  • Novatars are infants from the very beginning.
  • The owner chooses when to age the baby Novatar; they can grow after minting.
  • A developer, a blogger, an astronaut, a gamer are the available professions.
  • As they mature, they will acquire new additional genes.
  • All Novatars are unique, and one-of-a-kind NFTs.
  • There is no way to predict the avatar’s sexual orientation.
  • The Novatar avatars will evolve into adults, with profession, style, and sexual orientation.

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