Totenpass Officially Launches in Beta

Totenpass Inc., a company that empowers users with the ability to permanently store their precious digital information, is pleased to announce the launch of its website and hardware solution in beta.

Totenpass is based in Rochester New York at the former Kodak research and development facility which revolutionized film photography. For over four years, the company has been developing a permanent digital storage drive constructed from solid gold that requires no energy and has no movable parts. Digital data is written onto the drive by way of a proprietary light-diffraction process which imprints images, documents, and other files that can be stored as either human readable, without the aid of computers, or machine-readable, with the employ of a smartphone.

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Totenpass empowers you to store your precious and personal information: family photos, important documents, intellectual property, or any other digital file. Our revolutionary storage drive helps you to retain control of your data while reducing your dependence on third parties and the Internet, where these files can be easily erased or stolen. We invite you to make your personal history into a tangible and everlasting treasure.

How it Works

  • Visit and click Create Drive.
  • Select drive size:
    • Medium ($50 USD) – contains 0.2 grams of pure gold and can store up to 2,196 pages of visual or textual data.
    • Large ($75 USD) – contains 0.4 grams of pure gold and can store up to 3,894 pages of visual or textual data.
  • Upload your digital files with ease using our online drive builder tool.
  • Confirm drive contents and complete payment using a credit card or cryptocurrency.
  • Receive your Totenpass within 3 business days.

A Storage Drive Made of Gold and Nickel

The Totenpass is built from solid gold and nickel, which inherently resist destruction, never tarnish and will therefore outlive all other ephemeral forms of data storage, from hard drives to Cloud servers. By having your data permanently embodied in these special elements, your precious information is safe from annual decay, natural disasters and online risks. It is also good for a sustainable future, as Cloud services depend upon an obscene amount of electricity while the Totenpass is built once and requires no subsequent energy consumption.

The Name

The name “Totenpass” is a German term which translates to “passport of the dead.” It used to describe ancient metal tablets, usually found in the form of thin gold sheets, and often found in burial sites, which cultures across time and place used to store important personal or religious information. Because this information was inscribed upon gold, it has endured for millennia and has thereby allowed modern historians to gain a deep insight into the beliefs, history and culture of the past. Not only was gold physically the only medium which would preserve this cultural knowledge, but it was also a symbol to the ancients of eternity and everlasting life.

Every Totenpass is Unique

The Totenpass is like a canvas and you are the painter. You may choose to store only one file, to be displayed and enjoyed with pride of place in your home. Think of your most memorable family photograph, a love letter, or a valuable NFT. Or you may choose to store thousands of documents or photographs to be retrieved at a later date using our proprietary reading technology and smartphone app. We give you the freedom to build the drives as you please, for whatever purpose. Whether you’re a mother, a creative, or a financial or legal professional, you will find the Totenpass to be the one true way that your hard work and cherished memories can be with you for the rest of your life and beyond.

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We Never See Your Data

We have created a one way digital-to-analog conversion process which means that nobody at our facility can see your data and the information that you upload is never stored anywhere, besides on your personal Totenpass. Our technology has been trusted by leading corporations such as Arch Mission Foundation and even the US Military.

Totenpass Reader App

On your smartphone, open the Totenpass reader app in order to transform your smartphone into a microscopic scanning device which allows you to re-convert your physical data into a digital file. This technology has taken nearly half a decade to develop in collaboration with several European universities. Beta users of Totenpass will not yet have access to the reader app, which is expected to launch in 2022.

Total Encryption Standard

Your Totenpass can be totally encrypted and protected by a passphrase. Using a combination of modern and peer-reviewed key-derivation and encryption algorithms (Argon2id and XChaCha20-Poly1305), you can input any plain text such as a password list, a mnemonic seed or a private key, or up to 2 KB of binary data and have it safely stored onto your Totenpass

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