Unbounce Introduces the First Conversion Intelligence Platform, Ushering in a New Era of Digital Marketing for Small and Midsize Businesses

Innovative suite of AI-powered solutions combines an individual’s marketing intelligence with machine learning insights for optimal sales and conversions

Unbounce, the global leader in landing page software, today unveiled a pioneering new way to achieve digital marketing success. The Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform expands the company’s offerings beyond landing pages and is designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The platform pairs a marketer’s intelligence with machine learning to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns at every touchpoint. Composed of a suite of smart solutions, including Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and the newly launched AI copywriting assistant, Smart Copy, the new platform provides the fastest way to increase visitor conversions using conversion intelligence — a disruptive new approach to marketing.

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As online competition intensifies and consumer expectations continue to evolve, Unbounce’s latest innovation is a crucial part of the company’s aggressive ambitions to help SMBs optimize their marketing and grow revenue with AI marketing capabilities and insights traditionally designed for large corporations. In a recent survey of marketers conducted on LinkedIn, Unbounce identified small business marketers’ desire for more conversion growth as their top priority. To answer this need, Unbounce created its new Conversion Intelligence Platform so SMBs can better compete against larger competitors and level up business growth.

“Since opening our doors more than 10 years ago as an innovator in landing page software, Unbounce has existed to help small businesses grow smarter by making access to essential digital marketing tools easy,” said Tamara Grominsky, chief strategy officer of Unbounce. “However, today, we’re seeing small businesses falling behind while large enterprises with big budgets are dominating the competitive landscape. Conversion Intelligence allows marketers, with limited budgets and teams, to pair their own expertise with data-powered AI insights to create and optimize the highest-converting campaigns possible. It’s simple: Marketers who aren’t embracing this new approach are going to be left behind.”

Conversion Intelligence — The New Era of Marketing
By leveraging Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence™ Platform, small business marketers can pair their creative know-how with machine learning to effortlessly create relevance, improve conversion rates and understand where to best spend their time for optimal impact. A game-changer for solopreneurs and marketers alike, the platform provides the fastest way to increase visitor conversions through the following conversion intelligence solutions:

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  • Smart Copy: A new AI copywriting solution released today, Smart Copy uses GPT-3 to generate human-like copy within seconds and in six different languages for ads, emails, landing pages, blog posts, TikTok videos, pitches, and 40 more copy creation needs.
  • Smart Builder: An AI-powered landing page builder that allows marketers to create on-brand pages designed to convert and based on a marketer’s specific industry and campaign goals.
  • Smart Traffic: A self-driving optimization tool for SMBs that connects your visitors with their best-fit landing pages to increase conversions by an average of 30%, while identifying conversion patterns in as few as 50 visits for landing pages. In comparison to traditional A/B testing, Smart Traffic saves marketers precious ad spend, time and effort, and eliminates the need for one champion page.

Time Strapped, Budget Constrained
Today’s small business owners face limited time, ad budgets, and marketing expertise to reach audiences in the hyper-accelerated digital landscape; research demonstrates that 47% of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own and inevitably end up wearing too many hats, while other studies have found that almost half of small businesses spend less than two hours per week on marketing efforts, no doubt leading to lost leads and revenue. With Unbounce as a core part of their marketing team, small businesses have been able to increase success without a new budget, improve conversion rates across all segments and increase the confidence needed to grow their business, while reducing the need for a designer, copywriter, or Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO).

“For many SMB marketers, taking on marketing efforts while trying to grow the business on limited budgets is a daunting and seemingly impossible task,” said Jonathan Naccache, founder of Webistry. “The changing digital landscape means that one-size-fits-all and traditional marketing no longer yield results and small businesses like myself need to create meaningful marketing experiences that drive conversions to survive. With Unbounce, we‘ve been able to grow our customers, better understand and reach their target audience and keep pace with the changing digital landscape.”

“The Unbounce Smart Copy solution inspires me. It’s like brainstorming with a room full of people, but it’s just me and my AI copywriting ‘assistant’,” said Sebastiaan Hooft, founder of Redesign. “Without Smart Copy, I would be spending an extra four hours a day crafting copy — precious time that I’d rather spend on building my brand and business. Now, I can say so-long to writers’ block and be confident in the quality and performance of my content.”

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