WalkMe Embedded for Salesforce Lightning

Data and sales these days go hand in hand, and it’s safe to say that every successful sales team leverages its data efficiently. Salesforce’s 2019 State of Sales report revealed that high-performing sales teams are 1.5 times more likely to base sales action on data-driven insights than unsuccessful teams.

In such an environment, improving employee productivity is critical. The more time sales employees spend on non-productive tasks, the longer workflows become, and the less revenue an organization earns. To address these problems, the leading provider of digital adoption solutions WalkMe announced the availability of WalkMe Embedded on Salesforce AppExchange.

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Here’s how sales teams will benefit from this integration.

Seamless Workflows

Sales workflows tend to become complicated. WalkMe Embedded rests as a centralized hub within Salesforce and contains all the information employees need to complete tasks. For instance, revenue teams can search for relevant information within Salesforce Lightning without leaving the app.

Whether it’s to unlock tools or search for knowledge pertinent to their processes, WalkMe’s solution reduces the dead time teams spend searching for information and switching between windows.

The central hub includes documentation on company processes, business-critical workflows, in-app resources, and other helpful resources. The search engine is built into the application and makes it easy for enterprise users to quickly access information.

In addition to this powerful search functionality, users can also leverage WalkMe’s ActionBot and use the power of natural language processing to retrieve information within the app. ActionBot’s chat-like interface makes it intuitive to use, and the result is employees spend less time searching for information, and more time executive value-add tasks.

Easier Employee Onboarding

The average sales team uses 14 tools, according to WalkMe. While these tools make task execution efficient, they present significant hurdles for new employees. It takes time to get up to speed and this means teams are less than productive when hiring new employees.

A modern sales environment cannot afford to wait for new employees to spend months getting up to speed. WalkMe’s integration with Salesforce Lightning solves this problem by reducing the time it takes new employees to familiarize themselves with all the apps they need to use. Via the central hub, companies can store employee onboarding documents and create tasks that promote app proficiency.

Managers can create onboarding task lists and use this functionality to enhance the skills of trained users as well. By creating a step-by-step program and housing it within Salesforce, managers can track employee progress.

The result is employee training programs take less time to complete, and teams experience greater productivity.

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Personalized Notifications

Sales workflows change regularly thanks to updates to processes or applications. Segmenting these updates according to user roles is tough, and teams spend valuable time digging through relevant updates and applying them.

Thanks to WalkMe’s integration with Salesforce Lightning, managers can now push contextualized updates and messages to segments of their team. Users can be targeted for messaging and updates based on a wide range of factors. The segmentation process is highly customizable, which gives managers endless ability to selectively push updates to their teams.

As a result, managers spend less time organizing updates and more time executing value-added tasks. For their part, employees can quickly apply updates within Salesforce and not have to leave their windows to execute tasks.

Endless Possibilities

WalkMe’s integration with Salesforce Lightning is another step the company has taken in delivering world-class functionality to its users. Thanks to the features inherent to the app, sales and revenue teams can spend more time executing their workflows productively instead of completing clerical tasks.

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