The Winning Seat Announces Partnership with SES Media Group

TLS Holdings, Inc., parent company of The Winning Seat ®, and BX3, a specialized operations and capital consultancy, announced that TLS Holdings, Inc. has entered into a national master reseller agreement with SES Media Group (SES), a Westport, Conn.–headquartered media services business focusing on cutting-edge and disruptive media and advertising technology. SES will be the exclusive seller of The Winning Seat ®ʼs advertising offerings. In addition, SES will manage opportunities for other entities to sublicense The Winning Seat ®ʼs proprietary AdTech products in pre-defined media markets. The Agreement expands The Winning Seat ®ʼs expansion earlier this month into the Phoenix metropolitan area and provides for faster activations across new media markets.

“This is a great move for TLS Holdings, Inc.,” says TLS co-founder and president Miles Johnson. “The agreement with SES allows us to devote our time to honing our operations, optimization and expansion of our AdTech platforms, meaning that we can work on our product while SES widens our reach.”

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The agreement with SES allows us to devote our time to honing our operations, optimization and expansion of our AdTech platforms, meaning that we can work on our product while SES widens our reach.”

— Miles Johnson, co-founder and president of The Winning Seat®

The Winning Seat ® is proprietary technology that connects consumers to local businesses via an experience shared by millions across the country each day: broadcast sporting events. Users log into the The Winning Seat ® and select the sporting event they are watching — whether it be at home, at a sports bar, or in-person at a stadium, and clicks “GRAB A SEAT.” During the game, the app will send an alert to active users that they are “IN THE SEAT.” This is a call to users to watch for the action displayed on their phone screens — say, a baseball grand slam — happens before the app’s game timer runs out. Winners receive a cash prize issued by The Winning Seat ®; other active users get rewarded with an offer to a local business, such as a free beverage with purchase of a pastry from a coffee shop. The Winning Seat ® spurs hands-on user engagement with broadcast sports while incorporating business awareness to a captive, friendly audience in the target market.

Reception and feedback of The Winning Seat ®’s product in its initial target markets has been wildly positive. Following on the platform’s launch in East Texas in 2019 as well as use by small businesses in and around its northern Nevada headquarters, subsequent market rollouts of The Winning Seat ® had been put on hold amid the COVID–19 pandemic, until this month’s Phoenix-area launch. The Winning Seat ®’s partnership with SES will drive forward adoption of this technology by small businesses in the hard-hit hospitality sector in greenfield media markets across the US.

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“We at SES are very excited about working with the TWS team and are looking forward to growing this local adtech engagement platform for small business,” says Tim Walsh, SES founder and CEO. “As we come out of COVID, SES is excited that TWS will help local business to reach customers.”

For its part, SES’s years of media and marketing experience make it a natural fit to partner with The Winning Seat ®’s novel AdTech, which in addition to bringing a novel way to engage users in the advertising process and drive foot traffic to advertisers, provides critical insight into user data. The platform monitors and integrates information on how many people are seeing the ads, engagement rates, and conversion into prize redemptions. The platform offers a level of marketing insight beyond what broadcast, print, and digital media provide.

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