Workato Partners with Snowflake to Provide In-Context Insights for Intelligent, Real-Time Business Actions

Workato, the leading enterprise automation platform, announced a partnership with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, to bring fast, actionable insights to business users. The partnership enables Systems Teams to load data into Snowflake from any source – cloud apps, on-prem databases, ERPs, files, and more. Additionally, business users, including sales, marketing, finance, and customer support teams, are then able to quickly access business insights from their primary app (like Salesforce, NetSuite), rather than relying on data analysts, reports and dashboards in BI tools to get the data they need.

“Data is a competitive edge, yet so few organizations effectively harness it, largely because data isn’t accessible,” said Markus Zirn, VP of Business Development at Workato. “Workato is disrupting integration and automation just as we see Snowflake disrupting Data Warehousing. Workato is completely cloud native and requires zero infrastructure management, offers instant unlimited scalability, zero optimization and operation costs, and, most importantly, is accessible by business users. Together, Workato and Snowflake enable unprecedented ease, speed, and accessibility of data insights.”

“Many of our enterprise customers have a complex ecosystem of applications which includes a combination of modern SaaS apps, databases, and on-prem. Workato’s breadth of connectors, and simple to use platform provides our customers a unified integration platform for loading data into Snowflake and, more uniquely, out of it,” Snowflake Technology Alliances Director, Tarik Dwiek said.

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Workato for Snowflake Enables Users to Integrate Data Insights into Business Workflows

Workato for Snowflake allows businesses to move data both to and from Snowflake so these data insights can be integrated into employee’s daily routines and business workflows, from loading data from all systems (cloud and on-premise) into Snowflake, to enabling insights in-context in all apps like Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, and thousands of others.

“With Workato and Snowflake, we’re able to do things much faster by using our sales ops resources to tackle issues that before required a developer or analyst, thereby allowing us to scale,” said Basile Senesi, Head of Sales Operations at Fundbox. “Workato is becoming the cornerstone that powers all of our client facing teams that use Salesforce and is really the data pathway that we’re now using to intelligently get information from Snowflake into Salesforce.”

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Together, Workato and Snowflake can enable benefits across departments, for example:

  • IT: quickly and easily load data from all your company’s systems into Snowflake
  • Sales: view product insights and customer 360° data in Salesforce, get instant actionable notifications in Slack or MS Teams when an engagement score for a lead exceeds a threshold
  • Marketing: auto-trigger highly targeted marketing campaigns to qualified customer segments based on product usage data, get revenue data into your marketing automation platform to analyze campaigns based on revenue it generates
  • Support: see which customers are high value right in your support app, get notifications when their churn score exceeds a threshold

Without Workato, business users face several time-intensive hurdles to get the information they need. They have to write SQL queries, log in to a BI tool, find the report they need, extract it, and send it to the right person.

“The incredible upfront cost of building the infrastructure just to get started has killed many a project,” said Partner of StrataFusion and former CIO of Splunk, Doug Harr. “Now I can do it with Snowflake and Workato and bring companies incredible value rapidly. The kind of data transformation and insights that can be gained when you focus on the customer’s needs and not the plumbing that gets you there is incredible.”

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