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Woven Releases New Calendar and Scheduling Tools to Power The Explosion of Remote Work

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Company co-founded by former Facebook CIO Tim Campos releases a suite of new features, including a Zoom integration to empower remote teams to collaborate, schedule and meet more efficiently

Now offers iPad support beta for even more flexibility; new Office 365 beta lets users sync all calendars so that information can be found all in one place

Woven, the next generation all-in-one calendar,  announced a suite of new features designed to empower remote teams and workers to collaborate more effectively. This suite of tools, packaged in a new release called Woven Remote, allows remote teams to schedule time together faster, maximize productivity and manage the dynamic work-life balance required from the sudden shift to remote work.

Over the last two weeks, video-conference usage has spiked dramatically as professionals across all industries shift to remote work and manage the fallout of COVID-19. A study recently released by Woven shows video conferencing adoption growing nearly 90% across scheduled events. At the same time, scheduling meetings and brainstorm sessions has become more complicated as employees deal with new demands on their time.

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“Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a massive shift to remote work. What was before, a growing trend, has become a full-blown necessity during this nationwide crisis,” said Tim Campos, Woven co-founder and CEO. “Remote workers are dealing with more challenges as multiple professionals may be working from one home, and if they are parents, they are likely managing online learning as well. In this kind of environment, time management and effective scheduling tools are more important than ever.”

Woven Remote: Tools For The Remote Worker

Woven Remote is a suite of new tools integrated directly into the flagship Woven calendar and scheduling app. Available on iOS, web and native desktop applications for Windows and macOS, Woven Remote includes all of the functionality already built into Woven, including Smart Templates, Availability Sharing, Link Scheduling and Group Polls, with the addition of the new features below:

Zoom Integration

While Woven supports all video conferencing links in a single-click, Zoom is now natively integrated into Woven to make video conferencing faster and easier than ever before, even for teams new to remote work.


Woven’s unique Home feature acts as a dashboard for its users’ day. Home provides an at-a-glance view of their daily calendar in a clean, actionable agenda view. They see their upcoming events and can take meaningful action on them. Directly from the Home panel, they can “join a call,” “take notes,” “get directions” or even “grab a ride” on Uber or Lyft in a single tap. In Home, users see recent updates or changes to their calendars and events as well as a quick summary of how they spend their time.

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Woven’s built-in analytics show users in seconds where their time goes. Powered by Woven’s smart event tags, they can dynamically see when and what they’re spending time on throughout the day, week and month. This allows users to regularly review their time, take inventory of how they’re allocating time across projects and reassess practices and priorities so they can spend time on what matters most.

iPad Support Beta

Woven’s award-winning mobile app is now opening its iPad beta, making it easier to schedule, collaborate and ensure users spend time well, no matter where they are or what Apple device they are using.

Smart Titles

Woven’s Smart Titles now automatically update with both participants and location or conference line data.

Office 365 Beta

Woven is now launching its Office 365 beta. This allows users to sync all their calendars, whether work and personal or Google and Microsoft, in one place. This capability becomes even more important as people shift to managing multiple work/life calendars while working remotely.

“Woven’s remote tools have consistently made my life easier,” said Anna Addoms, a small business owner from Colorado. “Woven Home gives me an at-a-glance update on what is coming up next so I know what I need to prep for and make sure I’m never late. The Zoom integration is really helpful for adding conferencing easily to an event, and Woven Analytics makes sure I know how I spend my time and whether it has been productive. Woven’s become the only calendar I use across all devices. I don’t know where I would be without it.”

“We’re relentlessly focused on finding ways for teams to save time scheduling, and take the headache out of planning so people can focus not just on getting more done, but getting the right things done. With the shift to remote work, that’s only becoming more important,” said Campos.

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